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Pooh Loses His Patience: The Foundations of Justice

My comments to my pastor’s blog before getting the mistreatment and boot; November 27, 2005:

Ironically, when I first started [commenting] on this, I assumed McLaren WAS a heretic and I trusted your general assessment. When the line of argument and critique appeared so fallacious however, I began questioning this assumption. Since then, ALL evidence I have found on the web does vindicate the emergents; I have tried to present this evidence, but nobody seems interested in evidence—either direction. If I do find McLaren a Snake, I will actually raise the volume of my criticism of your criticism up a strong notch. . .

One more thing Mr. Wilson. Dare we hang somebody without a strong defense? Isn’t it best if somebody strongly defend McLaren precisely because we want to be able to justly condemn heretics? I have not defended McLaren as witness or old friend who knows him, but rather as a defense attorney who believes in ‘the system.’ But if we lynch him without any sort of fair trial whatsoever (in any sort of metaphorical sense), we are no better than the opponents of Machen or Macaroni and Cheese. I really do not understand why you have not presented lengthy citations illustrating just where you get your hatred of McLaren’s teaching; you rather build up a general postmodern straw man that I don’t even recognize as a contemporary reality in any part of the world.

Michael Metzler
pooh – 11/27/2005 11:17:44 PM | Report Comment

You can hear that chain saw starting about here. . .


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