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ABC News, Quiver Full Movement, & Pooh’s Brains on Drugs

This post is due to my bad illness (Disney World germs and a few imprecatory prayers from Mother K knocked us out). I’m just trying to pass the time before the antibiotics kick in:

Doug Phillips linked to an ABC News interview of a friend, Ken Carpenter. You can watch the eight minute long news coverage here.

Phillips writes:

Ken is a tremendous man, a personal friend, and a featured speaker at the 2006 Christian Filmmakers Academy. . . I am grateful for his bold stand for the blessing of the fruit of the womb.

The Carpenters do indeed seem to be a nice family, a family no doubt Mary Wollstonecraft would have loved to loiter in the midst of, her heart throbbing with sympathetic emotion. However, the moral to this story goes a bit beyond this. Despite the protesting fear against the lying media from American fundamentalists, it would seem that the media has once again offered judicial restraint in their coverage.

Ken Carpenter represents the quiver full movement, and he explained to the reporter that he is the head of his home and where the buck stops, that he is the “primary distiller of wisdom,” that his sons would go to a university only if they are to pursue a particular profession, that his daughters are to be given to motherhood (when asked about higher education), and that any form of birth control or family planning is against “God’s word.” But here’s the kicker: Carpenter is apparently fairly wealthy and the large kitchen, dining, and estate was certainly good show for this “movement.”  Whatever deprivations his children will have due to his ‘righteous’ continuation of birthing will therefore certainly be mitigated (pregnancy, birthing, and weaning is one of the most physically and emotionally risky and draining experiences a household—and particularly a woman—can go through).  The Carpenters are likely not the prototypical quiver full family in this regard; ABC News has therefore covered this story with a keen sense of propriety, if not down right charitable distortion.

However, in order to take the spot light away from Phillips and his friend Carpenter, I should note that ABC did point to the Quiver Full web site; upon a quick glance, I noticed the following book as the site’s featured advertisement (I corrected the spelling errors):

Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors
Rachel Scott

A hard-hitting, scripturally based expose on the emotional, physical, and spiritual damage caused by the secular idea of birth control.

We are living in the last days. An anointed generation must come to earth to help prepare the way of the Lord. Many in this generation will be children. Will these chosen children be allowed to come? Satan is trying hard to prevent their conceptions and births. Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors exposes how Satan has used the secular idea of choice and modern medical advances to convince God’s people to limit their family size through birth control and sterilization. Sadly, thousands of couples are suffering emotionally, physically, and spiritually because they have chosen their own path. This book exposes how the enemy is using human reasoning, deception in the media, ideas in pop culture, and lack of knowledge of God’s Word to keep God’s people bound to a worldly mindset. Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors offers hope for restoration through God’s forgiveness. By revealing truth, it challenges young couples to learn from the mistakes of the past so they can be open to bring forth this anointed generation of children.
To order this book, visit www.superdupermoms.com

My friends will no doubt understand how thrilled I am about more fundamentalist talk about warfare.  Ay! Let’s raise up a new Christian Sparta!  Woman can become those noble factories of war feed.  Fight the high breeding infidel and the childless secularists with your hard won arrows!

You know, barbarians [not referencing the quiver full movement] have always been in the midst of the rise and fall of delicate civilizations since recorded history. I say let them breed and do what they will; the only hope for anything but another collapse of western civilization’s library roofs and the butchering of our learned men of peace (a thought that gains a good deal of clarity as I watch war-loving and fundamentalist “bar brawlers” like Douglas Wilson) is the successful maintenance of our developing global communication and education as well as the consciousness of our shared, universal narratives and emotions (Hogan 2003)—which help keeps in tack that natural empathy of our two year old “Warrior Children.”


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