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Update On Vision Forum & MR. & Mrs. B

See it here:


I have now had the chance to check out the links provided by Vision Forum. This is must reading, particularly the letter from the attorney involved with the Allasaur dispute. I’m sure there will be more reporting to come on this.


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  1. This is kind of weird. It only proves they did steal, cheat and lie about the dig. Why else did they pay? How can putting forth facts be considered negative? Some facts are just negative. Isn’t that a violation of free speech?

    I am not so sure promoting Matt Chancey’s site is a wise move after that article in the Washington Post about this political ‘tactics’. He is not a man of integrity.

    Comment by Martin | January 4, 2007 | Reply

  2. Gee, no indepth analysis from Michael on the documents provided? You doing a favor for the big cheese? Did the big cheese give you a call?

    Notice how none of the documents from BCA or VF have DP’s signature or even point to DP as writing them. Notice how he always has someone else front and center. He protects himself…just in case with plausible deniability. Is that what a man of ‘honor’ does?

    Comment by steve or stacy | January 4, 2007 | Reply

  3. What, Michael, no posts??? Are you finally getting a life or something?

    Comment by Van Til | January 4, 2007 | Reply

  4. Oh d-d-d-dear! P-p-p-Pooh has really gone and done it now! He’s given away the honey pot to a couple of s-s-s-sleazy lawyers! Doesn’t Pooh Bear know that Ed Watt is the DeRosas’ attorney? How could a “reporter” like Metzler not understand what that means? Metzler probably does know it, but it doesn’t matter to him. It’s a lesson in Metzler ethics.

    Did Metzler bother to even investigate why Ed Watt is acting like he’s actually working for Doug Phillips? Did Ed Watt have the DeRosas’ permission to write that letter and give it to Doug Phillips? That doesn’t seem very likely.

    It’s common knowledge here in San Antonio that the DeRosas had a big falling out with Phillips over that Allosaur video so it’s unlikely that the DeRosas gave their attorney permission to write that letter and give it to Doug Phillips. Doug Phillips would know perfectly well that for him to be in league with the attorney of a client that he’s had a big falling out with is a major legal n-n-n-no-no.

    Pooh got at least one thing right. “I’m sure there will be more reporting to come on this.” I’m looking forward to that reporting, but I won’t be visiting the Wood to find it because it won’t ever be there. The silly ol’ bear doesn’t want to do any real reporting. He’s too busy scrounging for honey to be bothered with investigating any “report” for himself.

    Comment by Piglet | January 9, 2007 | Reply

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