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Unmasking the Identity of Mrs. B, Part 3



Matthew Chancey has just released his THIRD article dedicated to the investigation of the activities of Ministry Watchman and the Epsteins. Go check it out at:

“mrs. binoculars”



From a footnote:
“When was the last time you heard of anybody constructing a time-intensive, incredibly elaborate cover-up scheme of this nature, all because they forgot to ask for permission for an image from an anonymous and painfully non-professional site? Besides, didn’t Watchman notice the many non-original images uploaded to that album? For example, the image of Garry Moore (spelled wrong on Flickr) is obviously scanned out of a magazine, and still has the photographer’s credit in the corner. ynotpic is clearly not the owner of that or several of the other pictures, so whe should we assume that the banner of Mrs. Binoculars belongs to him?”


For some reason, over at Indelible Grace, they have not been very worried about what all this “ministry watching” is doing for Jen’s children. But now, in the typical display of pious indignation, they are very concerned about Matthew Chancey’s children:

This man is not helping DP. He is silly and immature. I know this sounds mean but I am always concerned when people like this have so many kids. To think that they will be raised to think like him is chilling.


More blunders; Mark Epstein writes: “. . . you can stop chasing the wind and spend some time with your family (instead of spending your day looking at pictures of my wife).”


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