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Kinism, Scholarship, & Our American Traditions

Kinism is surely something else. It is still hard to believe there is such a thing as kinism in the United States of America; it is perhaps not as hard to believe that it is the reformed tradition that provided the animal corpse for this parasitic worm. I’ve noticed how coy kinists are in discussing and explaining their “position.” A number of months ago, before reading some documents that made it all too clear what the propositional ideology is behind Seabrook’s pictures of ‘niggers,’ I was actually attempting to defend the possibility of a weak kinist position qua communitarian social proposal (not that I would hold to this proposal, but rather offer it at least as a view that would warrant something other than shear terror). But that was apparently some wishful thinking, as further investigation of kinist writing and behavior slowly confirms. Now that I have been thoroughly clear about my stance towards kinism, what we see is the same kind of bullying sophistry that we have come to learn so well from the Kirk and even briefly from Ministry Watchman. Do I get an argument? A scholarly challenge? Nope. Rather, here’s what one leading kinist who otherwise thought Pooh and Pooh’s Think was great now has to say to me. I’ll leave you with the letter in its entirety (it was sent to me via email, though likely posted on the internet):

Tooh Pooh,

Silly old bear! If yooh are so deloohded as tooh dedoohce that an embarassingly joohvenile and gratoohitous slap at kinists is going tooh win yooh many koohdos from even reasonably thoughtful readers then yooh are more scroohed up by your time in the kirk kilt than I previously knooh. Yooh’ve already made a demonizing foohl of yourself by declaring kinists *worse* (your “at least thy’re not kinists” attitude) than a disgraced defrocked minister and trooh member of the! corrupt, money-grubbing Sprouleone family (R.C. Sproul “Joohnior”). But yooh see them as even more groohsome than *that*. Yooh also declared them *worse* than a cretinous sack of rotted rat intestines whooh’d rather coddle and shield a serial child molester than protect the children of his own congregation (Doug Wilson). Yooh, Pooh, are troohly foohlish and stoohpid. *Maybe* yooh . . . try to proohve otherwise by the incloohsion of your snoohze-indoohcing philisophical posts in the Aking For Affirmation Wood.

If I suggested yooh take an extended and hopefully therapoohtic break from blogging wood it make yooh petoohlantly stamp your paw as yooh refoohsed tooh dooh so? Wood yooh cloohlesly think it meant I was afraid of yooh and what yooh dooh? I yoohsed to think better of yooh, Pooh. But now yooh stoohp tooh the kind of goohfy aboohse and verbal droohl for which Doug Wilson is known. And for which yooh rightly criticize him, ironically. Yooh are still more ! his disciple than yooh wood like to think. Yooh proclaim your antipath y toward his enemy theology then embrace it as far as yooh think yooh can get away with it. Perhap imprecatory prayer meetings in the Wood are next.

And its quite like your mentor for yooh tooh repeatedly highlight the criticisms aimed at you. I know they can be illustrative of the kirk insanity and thus can be legitimately brought up for that purpose. But yooh dooh overdooh, Mr. Martyr. Have yooh thought about simply rolling your eyes a bit more instead? Like Harry Seabrook does in regard tooh yooh? Obviously I’m doohing a bit more than that with this article but, believe me, I’m not looking to get obsessive about your goohfiness. I just thought it deserved a brief article here. Remember, Mike, it doesn’t have tooh get tooh be so about *yooh*. Which is another Dougian trait, isn’t it?

It’s also quite like Doug to ignorantly (if not willfully and maliciously) make straw men tooh knock down. Hopefully it won’t occur tooh anyone that Wilson’s ! bug-eyed blather is not a fair representation of theonomy. Or that advocates of trooh biblical patriarchy might be *appalled* by the thumb-sucking misogyny of the bullying Bayly brothers and their ilk. And about all you can do in regard to kinists is hold up a clove of garlic in hopes of warding off the evil seed of Satan and perhaps scaring off the timid and gullible from looking into things for themselves. Sort of like your man Sludge did and does when it comes to criticisms of himself and R. C. Sproul “Joohnior.” And I believe yooh rightly criticize/d Doug for that tooh.

Yooh really need tooh think about that sabbatical, Mike. Yooh’ve become a sort of weird little liberal parody of what yooh seem tooh remain strangely attached tooh. Maybe Moscow is a bad place for yooh tooh even be. The Bear In the Toxic Babel. Think about it. It is “Pooh’s *Think*,” isn’t it? Not “Pooh’sWhine and Snarl and React.” But what dooh I know? I’m just a theonomic reconstruction! ist, biblical patriarchalist and neophyte kinist whooh yawns and chuckles at your self-conscious pseudo-sophistication and preening condescension. So you don’t have tooh even consider what someone like myself says. Shoot the messenger, give yourself a hug and close your eyes.

It’s what Doug wood dooh.

– Dennis


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