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James Wilson Saves Me Typing Time This Morning

Comments in brackets are mine:


I saw Chauncey’s second post last night (i.e., Thursday). I immediately went to Ministry Watchman to see if they had a response, and found their “Public Apology.” I cracked up at their “explanation.” I also checked out the Flickr link in the comments section.

In today’s post, Chauncey recommends that we run a Google test. I already did last night, and couldn’t believe Ministry Watchman’s staff would be so stupid to botch their second cover-up exactly the same way they botched their first.

But laying all of that aside, the “Public Apology” was an insult to every person who has ever had to look another person straight in the eye and apologize for something. An anonymous person is taking the heat for the actions of another anonymous person. How courageous! [indeed!]

How, by the way, does an anonymous person “take full responsibility?”

One final observation. Reading the comments to the “Public Apology” section makes me suspect that the posters are all Ministry Watchman staffers using different pseudonyms, or, in the irony of all ironies, Ministry Watchman’s fans are behaving like members of a cult.

Life, liberty, happiness, [and personal identity!]

James Leroy Wilson


[Although this doesn’t have anything to do with Doug Wilson, since we are in the Wood I should inform you that James is a relative of Doug Wilson. It looks like James also contributes to http://www.downsizedc.org/blog]


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