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Democratic Blogging vs. Big Media

Well, its not like you can learn the truth about the Kirk via World Magazine or the Lewiston Tribune.

From the Chicago Times:
HT. Instapundit

Pundits lose grip on reality when dealing with the Internet

December 22, 2006

“. . .I don’t think Rago has spent much time on blogs or he’d know that several specialize in, and are very good at, taking on complex topics that the mainstream media barely skim. Others promote citizen reporting that is often better than anything you’ll find in a newspaper. Others are hilariously funny, on purpose, and others are drenched in irony.

Look, there’s a lot of bizarre behavior on the Internet. And there’s no shortage of vitriol, either. Some people are just strange. But much of the harsh language about politicians and the reporters and columnists who cover them are more than justified. . . .

. . .This phenomenon is not going away, no matter how much it is dismissed or chastised. The Internet has been seized on as a democratizing tool by millions of perpetually democracy-hungry Americans. Bloggers should definitely be open to criticism by the mainstream media. That’s America. But lumping everyone together with the crackpots is neither fair nor honest. And the fact that so many reporters and pundits can’t seem to get the story right just proves the bloggers’ point that too many of them don’t know what they’re talking about on everything else.”


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