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A Friend Comments on Kevin Johnson


Johnson’s heavy dependence on icons says more than any blog post he’s ever written, and he’s not so much a strong or an effective writer as much as he’s a Rodney Kingite, “Can’t we all just get along?” No, Kevin, we can’t just get along. . . because your gaudy images have not managed to remove the historical facts and the doctrinal truths that divide.

I suspect that his overt Romanism drives his affection for FV in that it gives his sappy sweet and hypocritical version of ecumenicalism meaning and place in the universe. Obviously, he doesn’t understand that FV is a political movement designed to garner support for Wilson’s empire; he appears unable to distinguish between the gospel of doug and the gospel of historic Christianity; and his criticism of Clark is raw manipulation, which is the only card the FV’s have to play. However, Johnson’s attempt is a weak sister’s version of Wilson’s chest-beating and blog stomping. He writes,

So, when Wilson challenged Clark to a debate, you’d think a guy with this much negative to say about these things would immediately accept.

Well, no, Kevin, you’d expect a guy with this much negative to say about these things understands that truth is not subject to debate and that Scripture commands us to reject schismatic abusers after the second admonition (Tit. 3:10). Wilson is a ‘heretic’ in the pure sense of the word, i.e. a divisive, schismatic person who creates factions, and he is also to a degree a heretic in the historic sense of the word, i.e. a man who believes unorthodox doctrine.

If Clark or anyone else were foolish enough to debate Wilson, their self-serving action would grant legitimacy to Wilson and the FV’s, which is the one thing that the FVer’s desperately need; hence the manipulation. They’re begging the Reformed world for recognition because they know they can’t sell this stuff to evangelicalism. In other words, “Reformed” may not be enough, but it’s all they have left before someone officially adds them as an appendix to Walter Martin’s Kingdom of the Cults, which is just a matter of time.


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