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Some other Reports On Wilkins & the PCA

Johnson comments about Wilson’s similar actions towards the COTK in the comments:

We must not forget that this is not a conflict which is merely between Andrew Sandlin and Douglas Wilson–but that other people (and particularly, laymen and their families) were involved in the actions of Wilson transgressing the dictates of the very constitution which he swore to uphold. You can call this a private matter if you like but too many people are involved for this to be the case. It’s really a ludicrous assertion and Wilson needs to be accountable not only to the constitution he swore loyalty to but also the other ministers and elders of his denomination. The fact, also, that he has declined to comment on any of this regarding the COTK matter is proof positive to me that he is not willing to abide by the words of Calvin and Paul (1 Cor. 4:1-5) in being open, honest, and willing to stand trial in regards to these matters. Instead, his non-response is subterfuge and roundly condemned by the likes of Calvin.

David Gadbois also had some thoughts about this, as well as some linkage. And here’s some theology-wonkhonking on the matter (I know how to wonkhonk too, but I just think the magic is all in the politics here).


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