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The Pope Against the PCA and the RPCGA

This morning’s news:

Doug Wilson is still trying to backpedal from his attack against the courts of the PCA. For the intelligent observer, it certainly isn’t working. Wilson is bragging about hits to his blog and perhaps he’ll be able to whip of the crowd on this; but he certainly is helping his notoriety– particularly leaders within the PCA. Wilson’s explanation and self-defense has reduced to the level of rhetorical chaos. Wilson writes:

As I have written earlier, this is not at all inconsistent with what I have urged people to do in other judicial situations (e.g. the RC Jr. situation). When a judicial body is charged with sorting out a host of did-too-did-nots, the last thing that needs to happen is for Internet-land to form a committee of the whole, with the loudest quadrant of that committee being made up of anonymous and scurrilous railers.

Wilson’s actions regarding the defrocking of RC Sproul Jr are publicly documented and many have laid out the straight forward analysis of what Wilson did. Wilson both lied and implicitly attacked the courts of the RPCGA after they had made their ruling. Not only did Wilson lie about the nature of their very clear ruling, he acted as if there had been no defrocking at all, as if the RPCGA had no authority at all and as if RC Sproul Jr never made a single vow to the RPCGA. The CREC inserted itself into the situation (of course) after the fact to help out in a claimed “non-judicial” capacity, but Wilson and others only proceeded to make fools of themselves at every step of the way—which, not surprisingly, included publicly documented lying. But we conservative reformed folks love being lying to and so that’s ok! And yet in this quote above, Wilson continues to lie about what the nature of RC Sproul Jr’s defrocking and his own actions about the matter at the time. Thus, just more incoherence and deceit. For those who care about simple facts, here again is a simple summary:

The PCA judges are trying to decide if Wilkins’ teaching passes confessional standards within the PCA according to their own BCO constitution. Wilson has predicted that these judges will judge wrongly, already attacking their character, and has claimed that if they give any negative assessment of Wilkins all we will know that they had unjustly lynched Wilkins. In sum, Wilson has ridiculed and attacked the entire judicial tradition of the PCA, and if he was a member of the PCA he would be immediately defrocked for his actions. As the Wood’s jurist has explained:

Wilson’s demeanor is contumacious (contempt of court), a violation that chapter 34 of the BCO. The penalty is immediate deposal from the ministry and barring from the sacrament.

But Wilson blogs away, trying to whip up the crowds as he assassinates the courts of the PCA, self-congratulating himself that such irresponsible behavior has attracted more people to his web site. And Wilson now attempts to explain such maneuvering by contrasting it to his previous demand that people not read the blogs that were trying to point people to the RPCGA’s ruling on Sproul. Wilson was during that time lying about the content of the ruling; and Wilson and the CREC attacked those who were pointing people back to the judicial ruling and the nature of its contents.

Wilson has therefore only pointed us to further confirmation of his authoritarian intentions. Doug Wilson must be pope; no other man, church, or judicial body is to be respected unless they are in full submission and loyalty to him.


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