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Revolutionary Wilson & Constitutional Adjudication

Wilson has informed the world that “any negative assessment of Steve” will “clearly” or “simply” reveal the Judges of the PCA to be unjust, deceitful, scoundrels. This is ludicrous on a number of levels. As already noted, it is a clear attack on the very existence of any system of justice for a public official to boldly declare what the precise ruling of a court must be while that court is attempting to adjudicate. But it is also unjust, public deceit for Wilson to even pretend that “any negative assessment” by these judges would be a matter of either clearing the name of Wilkins and the Federal Vision team or else an unjust, politically based lynching. The PCA Judges are adjudicating on the question of Steve Wilkins’ confessional status within the PCA, according to the law set forward in the constitution of the BCO, the document governing only the PCA and the document Wilson has confessed ignorance of. Doug Wilson has therefore proven that he is entirely incompetent to even have an opinion about what “any negative assessment of Steve” by these Judges in this context would mean. In sum, Wilson has become an internet assassin against the courts of the PCA and he is spinning an entire make-believe world as he seeks to manipulate and prepare his following for whatever the ruling from the court will be.

Richard has offered some understated and overly-charitable criticism at Wilson’s blog; Wilson responded by making out his attack as the mere request for others to be following the public documents related to this trial, and he concludes:

. . . if injustice is done (as with OJ), we will all know about it. And that is why I want to urge everyone to read Steve’s answers, and then wait patiently to see what the PCA does.

I appreciate Doug Wilson informing us all what we “will know” about all this if the PCA Judges give “any negative assessment of Steve.” This is helpful information to have as I watch the deliberation of this court.


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