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NewsFlash: Unmasking the Identity of Mrs. B


Matthew Chancey has just released a new web site dedicated to investigating the activities of Ministry Watchman and the Epsteins, and his first article up. Go check it out at:

“mrs. binoculars”

It is a must read.

Here is Chancey’s blog, here is a picture of his family, here is the web site hosted by Mrs. Chancey, and here’s a birth announcement of his new twins.

Safe to say, Chancey is not an anonymous investigative journalist.


*Updated Note: In light Chancey’s investigation angle, I wanted to note that Vance’s posting on the remarkable story of the COTK and Doug Wilson—which was primarily just a link to the primary document and a summary of its contents—was something I had nothing to do with. Although Vance kept up with me via email, I was not even expecting him to post something on Wilson. So whatever strategy there was in doing this was not something I was involved with—likely because I was one of the objects this strategy was directed to.

And as for the “prima facie” evidence regarding the binocular picture, the suggestion remains a truthful, potent, and humorous metaphor regardless of prima facie anything. If literally true, this metaphor would remake itself into the cruelest of ironies. Let’s just hope Jen would be spared that kind of humiliation given how deep the shame would be to a resurrected sense of justice after everything else she has done. This is an all-around well done “post” by Chancey.


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