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Madness in the Courts of the Kirk

When I was a member in good standing at Christ Church, a middle aged man with wife and children, known and respected in Christ Church and surrounding community, a Greyfriar student, and a writer for Credenda Agenda, I opened up a blog and started asking some sincere questions about some public primary documents originating from a public matter at Christ Church in 1993. Doug Wilson and Doug Jones immediately showed up in the comment section of my blog and started harassing and intimidating me. Here are some of the first comments, documented in the Wood:

What are your qualifications to be making the assertions you are making? Are you a witness? Are you an investigator? Are you an investigator who has assembled all the facts? If you answer our questions, giving the basis for your affirmation of the truthfulness of the answers, this should establish your competence or lack of it in this matter. In short, on what basis have you been making your claims?. . . we are asking about your qualifications to put yourself forward the way you have. . . we are asking you to demonstrate that you have the capacity and standing to prove them. . . . Michael . . . Our questions concern your standing and competence . . .

But just months later, now that one of Wilson’s buddies is up for scrutiny, Wilson literally reverses the nature of his attack. Wilson is not a member of the PCA. He is not an investigator. He has not assembled all the facts—and notes his ignorance of the book of church order the PCA is ruling from. Wilson has made bold assertions about the recent questioning of Steve Wilkins that he has not substantiated, some of which have already distorted the nature of the questioning and the nature of Wilkins’ answers. This is a trial of sorts in cession within the PCA and Wilson refers to those who must decide about Wilkins’ confessional status within the PCA as “judges.” Yet, just before playing the role of internet assassination against the judges of the PCA (if they give “any negative assessment of Steve”) Wilson instructs the on looking internet world filled with incompetent and uniformed reformed laymen to influence the trial with their emotional stare:

Every person who has been following this Federal Vision thing at all needs to make a point of following this particular segment of it, and really should read through these answers that Steve has given. Because of how everything has fallen out, it looks as though Steve gets to be the cause celebre of this whole thing, at least within the PCA. But this is what that means. When you look at the claims in the memorial against Steve from the Central Carolina Presbytery, and you look at Steve’s orthodox answers, there are only a few possible explanations for what could happen here. . . So as I see it, the ideal situation would be for ten thousand Reformed believers to read through Steve’s answers now, and then turn and patiently wait for the SJC to make their determination. . . . I think it needs to happen in the bright light of day, with all sorts of checked out people looking at them as they do whatever they do. This must not be a back-room deal. It is an examination of a public minister’s public teaching. That teaching is out on the table. We can all read it. And we can witness for ourselves whether or not the SJC is reading the same things we are.

Wilson is now attempting to explain away this willful injury to the PCA.


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