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I Was Dead Wrong, Part 2

On 10-13-06 I wrote the following after a lengthy and disappointing “discussion” at Barlow Farms (as posted here in the Wood):

This is nothing different from Doug Phillips new approach to debate and publicity. And recall, Phillips was helping cover up RC Sproul Jr’s defrocking as well, and apparently was giving Ligonier counsel over the last month. . .

In my follow up to this, I wrote the following:

And so, what we see here is a perfect illustration of how bad men in power stay in power; foolish men, jealous for the status of the cult-personalities they follow and the comfortable familiarity of their pet worlds such cult personalities create, unjustly continue in willful ignorance and hypocritically attack those attempting to seek objective, rational discourse, e.g. involving confirmed facts, evidence, arguments, and primary documents. Those who seek any form of accountability once accountability is clearly needed are ridiculed, maligned, and their character assassinated. And yet, the foolish man, being the fool he is, comes to discover that the engagement in these very tactics inevitably proves the rightness of the one seeking to hold the cult-personality accountable. If the claims of the one seeking accountability are obviously false, then the defender of the cult-personality could easily point this out. If they are true and the one seeking accountability has evidence, then what you rather see is the hypocrisy, irrationality, and ad hom attacks that you have just graced us with here.

I therefore wanted to let you know that the BCA statement firmly denied the allegation that Phillips was giving Ligonier counsel over the law suit, and Matthew Chancey has claimed to investigate this allegation independently and found it entirely false. And there has been no forthcoming evidence for the contrary from MW. Chancey wrote:

My private research has revealed beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was no contact between Phillips or any member of the Vision Forum staff with the Ligonier staff concerning the lawsuit against Frank Vance, Jennifer Epstein, or anything related to the Ligonier controversy. In reality, there has been very little contact between the two staffs whatsoever. Doug Phillips once shared a podium with R.C. Sproul, Sr, but that’s essentially it.

Thus, one more happy day in the Wood where I get the exhilaration of being wrong with my big sniffer-roo (as Tigger might say). Like I said, “If the claims of the one seeking accountability are obviously false, then the defender of the cult-personality could easily point this out.” Phillips’ successful response to allegations and his friends’ independent confirmation of this fact has certainly confirmed the truth of this theory. However, Pooh blushes still; that was a claim I had no independent evidence for. . . it was a long discussion.

See how easy it is dear kirkers? I know it has been a year; but its never too late to put all this behind us. Wouldn’t it be great for me to have a post three weeks from now titled “I Was Dead Wrong About Doug Wilson, Part 985″?


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  1. If anyone thinks Ligoneir wasn’t desparate to shut Jen up, they are nuts. They trolled around my little blog for days after I posted one thing about them on another blog.

    There have been references made of information Ligoneir had about Jen that could only have come from Jen’s church. Let’s see how that plays out. It may not have been legal advice but it could have been breaking confidentiality.

    Why is Chauncey so credible to you? He writes like a soap opera script writer. He tells us NOTHING new. Just repackages the same old tired stuff.

    Comment by Martin | December 18, 2006 | Reply

  2. You fellas (gals)(gal) have not started answering a criticism, argument, or anything. You haven’t even addressed the BCA’s statement, nor explained why Jen’s story got booted from MW if everything is great and in the clear. I’ve never seen such a disingenous and incoherent narrative in my life, and any basic approach to conflect resolution and counseling would immediately demand the Epsteins to get off the internet and persue making sure this is not just one more brief moment of anger release and persue their 19 year old wayward daughter who speaks of current abusive treatment from Mark and current estranged reltionship between Mark and her other sibling (inbox). Jen was setting herself up as a pious ministry to destroy Phillips just a couple months after (if not at about the same time) the time she now claims that Mark got over his “anger problem”–you know, like the stuff about him trying to murder his family (inbox). The response to mild criticism from me at the front end from MW fellas is enough to see what is really up here. I’ve hardly even begun an analysis of this “story” and yet I have already laid out sufficient reason to suspect a law suit for libel to be highly appropriate by now. The goal is to destroy Phillips picking up any stone you can find; it is wrong, violent, and unjust.

    Comment by Michael Metzler | December 19, 2006 | Reply

  3. Glad to see you defend hyper patriarchical teachings! Whether Jen is a wacko or not, DP has built a koolaid church. But, then you probably won’t hear any real stories about Doug. Guys like him work real hard at their image because image is money to them.

    Chauncey brought nothing new to the conversation except hyberpole about Jen being the picture. What possible difference would it make? There is NOTHING new at that site. Why are you acting like it is some new evidence or something?

    I have been reading DP’s blog and website for a long while before I had even heard of MW. I thought he was one of those Y2K/Patriotic nutcases storing grain in their basement who revere all things he is not. YOu can smell them a mile away. He doth protest too much, Methinks…kind of thing. If someone rails about honor, better look close. Real honorable men, don’t rail. They just ‘are’. If someone goes to great lengths to prove they are a leader, they aren’t. He makes his living selling a phoney way of life that does not exist.

    Perhaps if he had seen some action like Epstein he may be a little angry. As it is, he is just a deceitful fake. A pretender.

    Does this indict him? No. But it sure does make sense based on a pattern of thinking.

    Can’t wait for your analysis. Got your thesarus ready out?

    Comment by Martin | December 19, 2006 | Reply

  4. But you can’t be concerned about “honor” as your punishing, manipulative, and dishonest posts here to the back-alleys of the Wood are already evidencing. Right?

    Not sure where I currently defend hyper patriarchical teaching. But then again, you know I have been doing the opposite. So much for honor Martin.

    Comment by Michael Metzler | December 21, 2006 | Reply

  5. Name calling is not answering questions. Punishing, manipulative and dishonest? You are describing yourself!

    Back alley? Then why are you here?

    Comment by martin | December 23, 2006 | Reply

  6. I stroll this alley every now and then just to point out the intentional false statements that you continue making. If it took me more than five minutes every few days I would not take the time. Trolls like you like to pander to the reader who is emotionally steered by highly negative statements against another person that are left to stand, regardless of whether they are at all warranted. So I have decided to just take a walk here every now and then to make your efforts here fully ineffectual. Hope that answers your questions.

    How many lies do I need to point out from you here before I can claim your posting to be dishonest? Just give me a number and I’ll give it a shot.


    Comment by Michael Metzler | December 26, 2006 | Reply

  7. Gee, I don’t know, Stacy, how many?

    Comment by steve | December 30, 2006 | Reply

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