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Uncle Doug’s Cabin & the CREC, Part 2


Here are a few follow-up thoughts to Uncle Doug’s Cabin. After completely misrepresenting the PCA’s process and overtly suggesting that someone set up Wilkins, Pope Doug wrote,

I am not familiar with the BCO in the PCA so I would invite anyone to please correct me if I have missed something important. Which several of you have done, and I have entered the corrections.

He should have posted the one sentence and waited for an answer before he pronounced judgment. Nevertheless, here’s his answer:

Process against a minister shall be entered before the Presbytery of which he is a member. However, if the Presbytery refuses to act in doctrinal cases or cases of public scandal and two other Presbyteries request the General Assembly to assume original jurisdiction (to first receive and initially hear and determine), the General Assembly shall do so. (PCA BCO 34-1)

General Assembly, or in this case the SJC (an extension of GA), cannot act unless two presbyteries ask GA to take jurisdiction, which leaves the good ol’ boys of the Louisiana Presbytery in their back room. I understand that at least two presbyteries have petitioned GA, which in CREC terms is tantamount to Anslem Presbytery and Augustine Presbytery petitioning Bishop Randy Booth to exercise his unconstitutional prelatical authority to depose Pope Doug from his bishoprick (maybe not). Regardless, it’s just a matter of time before Wilkins’ pork gets chopped.

Pope Doug closed his declaratory judgment, writing,

This must not be a back-room deal. It is an examination of a public minister’s public teaching. That teaching is out on the table. We can all read it. And we can witness for ourselves whether or not the SJC is reading the same things we are.

This kills me. Wilson wrote the book on “back-room deals.” Do you remember when Christ Church and the CREC secretly agreed to accept Burke Shade into membership despite the PCA’s judgment? The PCA defrocked Burke Shade according to the rules he swore to uphold. There were no back-room deals, no under-the-table handshakes, no winks or nods — they put him on trial, found him guilty, and defrocked him according to the procedure outlined in the BCO that he freely accepted with a vow. And rather than appeal his case to GA, Shade cut a back-room deal with Pope Doug for permanent sanctuary in the CREC:

Doug Wilson reminded the elders that we have already agreed this situation [the PCA defrocking Shade] is not a barrier to Burke Shade and his church being accepted into the CRE, and that he has communicated this to Burke.

Pope Doug cut an identical back-room deal with the St. Peter Four, who the RPCGA defrocked in a slam-dunk case after all four accused ministers confessed their guilt to the charges against them — felonies et al. And when the RPCGA handed them the just desert of their crimes, they sought refuge in the CREC who already promised them a warm bed in Uncle Doug’s Cabin, as Laurence Windham noted in a fund-raising email: “We hold out hope that we will soon be exonerated by godly men in another denomination.” Not long afterwards the CREC didn’t exonerate them so much as they pooh-poohed the RPCGA’s judgment and tucked the St. Peter Four into membership.

Of course, you can be sure that Wilson cut a million back-room deals in order to secure a decision against COTK. The only other possible explanation for this power grab is that the CREC confederates are actually dumber than we think.

Finally, I want to leave your readers with Bishop Booth’s strong admonition from last March:

Self-appointed arbiters of justice do not contribute to a godly resolution of anything and we hereby call upon them to recuse themselves from such public discourse, to immediately remove any material related to these matters from the web, and to pray for all those affected by these matters.

And I invite Pope Doug to listen to Bishop Booth, because he obviously has “missed something important.”


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