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Uncle Doug’s Cabin and the CREC


Here are the facts about Wilkins that Wilson neglected to cite.

First, don’t waste your time reading Wilkins’ answers to the SJC because he is a dishonest man as evidenced by his plagiarism, which he did not limit to Southern Slavery As It Was, and just as the E Free elders noted that Wilson tailors his doctrinal answers to his audience, so I expect that Wilkins would do the same. If you can judge a man’s character by his friends [editor’s note: this is a strong “if”], then you may safely judge Wilkins a scoundrel due to his close friendship with Douglas Wilson.

Second, Wilson’s interest in Wilkins has nothing to do with friendship or theology; it’s all about power. Wilson is working Wilkins just as he works everyone else, bleeding him dry of his resources, which in this case amounts to the eight churches that compose the Louisiana Presbytery in the Presbyterian Church of America. Wilson has courted Wilkins since at least 1995, which was one year before they co-plagiarized SSAIW.

But here’s the point: Wilson has bragged for many years (at least since 1999) that “Wilkins and his presbytery want to leave the PCA by making a statement,” and they’ve been planning a show-off exit for many years. Wilson sold Federal Vision to Wilkins and the Louisiana Presbytery long before 2002 when the Monroe Four debuted, and you can be sure that Wilson convinced Wilkins he’ll be a martyr when the PCA puts him out for false doctrine. This will be the exit if the SJC decides against him (as they should). Wilson’s latest post shows that he believes the hour draweth nigh. If they do put Wilkins out, then the entire Louisiana Presbytery will feign shock and offense as they showboat all the way into the loving arms of Pope Doug.

And don’t forget that the Dixie hick has coattails with all his Southern Heritage Society buds as well as his League of the South klan. This probably explains why Wilson rewrote SSAIW and called it Black and Tan. Certainly there’s no biblical justification for this swill. He’s courting Kentucky fried Presbyterians for that day when Wilkins leads a heretics’ rebellion, breaking loose from the PCA’s orthodox fetters, and flees for Confederate liberty to Uncle Doug’s Cabin and the CREC, where they have only one confessional standard — “Doug said, I believe it, that settles it.”

In short, Wilson has coveted the Louisiana Presbytery in the same way he coveted COTK, and he has waited over a decade for this day.


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