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Threats for the Judges during Trial

Now that Wilson has been exposed to be the ecclesiastical tyrant he is from within the very denomination he created and now rules as “pope,” it is time for Wilson to start piously preaching about church courts, constitutions, and due process. Surprised? Don’t be. This is fully consistent with the ongoing public and prolific practice and personality of Douglas Wilson. Please note the words “consistent,” “ongoing,” and “public” here. Some of Wilson’s apologists have suggested that my ongoing analysis of Wilson is some kind of obsessed practice of running through the same stuff over and over again. I only wish!

There is a standing committee in the PCA that will be ruling on the Orthodoxy of Steve Wilkins (part of the Persecuted Four you might recall). Since Doug Wilson is concerned about this ruling being just, effective, and respected within the PCA (ahem), he has decided to inform us before hand what that ruling should be. He, after all, has read through his buddy’s answers already, and so we need not wonder any further what a just judgment will be! Wilson writes:

Steve is well within confessional bounds [the very question before the court] . . . given this clear confession of faith, any negative assessment of Steve is only possible if the judges are 1. clearly in over their heads 2. simply vindictive or 3. prepared to admit spectral evidence.

I present to you jurist Douglas Wilson! [applause]

So not only has Wilson judged the case himself for the PCA, Wilson has decided to judge the judges in the PCA if they by some chance decide in a way not in Wilkin’s favor.

Yet, if you read his post in full, you will notice Wilson’s new talk about the need for church courts to have accountability from the internet laymen on-looking the ordeal. Please go back to the beginning of the story of the Wood. This approach and admonition is in precise contradiction to the very firm and unyielding “admonishments” just months ago about one of his seminary students [the silly ol’ bear]. How and why this is so is too rich and robust to summarize here, so I just point you back to the historical records. Wilson will say and do anything given the heat of the moment, regardless of what his teaching and practice has been just months previous. Now that his buddy is on the hot seat, Wilson’s theology flips upside down—from one extreme to the other, with no cogent in-between to be found anywhere.

Anyhow, Wilson’s attempt to insert his will into an ecclesiastical manner unjustly, no matter how much it is exposed, is apparently just not going to stop. Wilson did it in the case of Tony Maneri, earning Wilson censure within the OPC. He did it explicitly in my attempt at dealing with the elders of Christ Church, informing them in writing what their decision was to be about their questions for me before they would have likely had time to yet see my answers. We have clear view of Wilson’s recent dealing with the COTK. And now Wilson has set himself up as Judge-Pope the First over a PCA court while convened. If this is not a clear pattern of behavior, demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt, then I just don’t know what would be.

While I was writing this, the PCA found it fitting to reply too:

I am the Stated Clerk of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church and of Louisiana Presbytery (LAP). Several years ago, I served two terms on the SJC, which is the Standing Judicial Commission (NOT “committee”). The SJC ordered LAP to re-examine Pastor Wilkins. We did that on December 9. We are mandated to transcribe the exam and to present it to the SJC in February. LAP took no action following the exam. The Candidates and Examination Committee is to prepare a report on the exam and to present it to LAP for action at its next stated meeting on January 20, 2007. The SJC has advised us that our action will be subject to its “final review.” BCO 15-5 sets forth that the SJC has the judicial powers of the General Assembly of the PCA and its decisions are final from which there is no complaint or appeal. I hope this is helpful.

Milton Dale Peacock – 12/14/2006 3:47:13 PM | Report Comment


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