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In the Name of Truth, Justice, and Science

In the efforts of presenting “two or three [credible] witnesses,” Ministry Watchman’s Henry Barnes presents a letter from a witness to one of Doug Phillips’ acts of patriarchical tyrannies:

Other major problems with the film [Vision Forum “video”] include the comment that I found the bones with a scintillator. The awareness of bones on the property came from a local old-timer and my actual discovery of my first bones came as a direct answer to prayer. Later, I did use a handheld scintillator in an effort to help find new sites, but this mostly led to dead ends. Most of my discoveries came from what I believe to be a God given ability to see the bone material and then the ability to follow it up to its source. . . .Personally, we do not view this film as a documentary. . . . Frankly I believe it has done a tremendous amount of harm. Not only does the film reduce the scientific value of the discovery because of lack of true reporting of the facts [such as answered prayer], but it also in the long run hurts the home school movement that the producer indicated that he was trying to promote.. . .

This would be a good question for the GRE: What is wrong with this person’s reasoning?


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  1. What is the GRE?

    Comment by truth seeker | December 12, 2006 | Reply

  2. Is it normed?

    Comment by truth seeker | December 13, 2006 | Reply

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