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Federal Vision & RC Sproul Jr.’s Defrocking

I just landed on some interesting stuff via internet. Apparently Dr. Kenneth Talbot goes to a church in Lakeland, FL. I guess this is where Don Kistler attends. Inbetween the two posts on Doug Phillips, Vance asks his readers to send Donations to this Vision Forum church:

In all seriousness, Don is now in dire straights financially and he really does need your support. You can send your gifts in care of:

Christ Presbyterian Church
P. O. Box 6321
Lakeland, Florida 33807

On the memo line of your check write “DKMIN” and it will be directed to Don.

Interesting. I guess this was just to keep Kistler’s physical address off the internet, and perhaps to provide a deaconate feel.

I’ll be staying in Lakeland, my home town, for a week fairly soon. It would be nice to meet both of them.

Perhaps even more interesting is that their RPCGA Presbyterian Church is listed as a specially affiliated “Family Integrated” church, as you can see by going to this web page at Doug Phillips’ Vision Forum site.

I guess the RPCGA denomination as a whole has Phillips’ Vision:

practice male head-of-household voting; encourage family-integrated church practices;…promote and support the training of our children in Christian educational institutions, especially in the home schooling method.

It is interesting how one of the distinctives of Talbot’s church has something to do with incorporating: “reject the modern day Erastian teaching of Church Incorporation.” In fact, the denomination provides a link to Peter Kershaw’s business, Heal Our Land Ministries. From the quality work Kershaw presented on the RC Sproul defrocking, I would imagine he offers excellent professional services; yet Kershaw has a curious background and ideology:

“…he earns his living as a paralegal, asset protection specialist, and business strategic planner. His study of law came as a direct result of his belief in self-reliance, and his distrust of attorneys and a corrupt judicial system.”

I guess the RPCGA site has not been updated anytime very recently, since it identifies SDG as a publishing ministry of the RPCGA:

Publishing Ministries:

Soli Deo Gloria Publications
646 Shropshire Loop
Sandford, Florida 32771
Rev. Dr. Donald Kistler, Managing Editor


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  1. Funny, I could not find BCA on that site a few days back.

    Comment by Martin | December 12, 2006 | Reply

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