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I Was Dead Wrong

After months of amazing behavior from Ligonier Ministry, and some of the troubles I already had with Federal Vision’s response to internet critics on a new section of their web site, I was assuming the same behavior from Doug Phillips as I have seen from Doug Wilson and to a degree Ligonier Ministries. Because of this anticipation, I grouped Doug Phillips together with men I knew far more about, particularly Sproul Jr and Doug Wilson (and of course I am one of the leading experts on Doug Wilson!). I therefore stated things about Doug Phillips that have been shown to be false. Here is what I said:

Those who want to merely silence all criticism use this complaint to silence truth seeking, discussion, or even cogent and sincere replies to allegations. Folks like RC Sproul Jr, Tim Dick, Doug Phillips, and Doug Wilson assume a level of authority that refuses to even straight-forwardly deny allegations. Those who are sincerely seeking truth seem to never be interested in such shenanigans.

Consider: If you were an innocent man, publicly charged with something, wouldn’t you want to make a sincere, honest, and sufficient answer to the false charges? In what sort of situation would you not want to reply in this way? And why not offer some public humility wherever the complaints might have touched down in some way? Why not show in practice that you are a just man who receives accountability? Do some introspection into your own heart – this is fairly a priori stuff. But I have watched Doug Wilson reply to my own sincere questions—and then challenges—with nothing but ad hom attacks, threats, belittling, harassment, subterfuge, and sage-like imprecatory innuendo. I even got a police report filed against me about a used condom found in his mailbox! Likewise, Doug Phillips was offered to provide his own side of the story and refused. Why is a sincere and honest rebuttal so difficult for men like this? (you can see the entire post here).

This was grounded in part on the claim from Ministry Watchman that Phillips had been given plenty of time to response:

Likewise, Doug Phillips was offered to provide his own side of the story and refused. Why is a sincere and honest rebuttal so difficult for men like this?

However, it appears that Phillips was not offered a genuine opportunity to deny the allegations (and Still Fed Up claims he was not even given any time at all), and sure enough these allegations were denied just a few days after the first post by Ministry Watchman; there was a prima facie “sincere and honest rebuttal.” I WAS DEAD WRONG. I like being wrong. Around the wood being shown to be wrong, finally, was quite a pleasant surprise.


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