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H1: Kinists & the Montana Cave Theory

From all the psychological data I can piece together from those writing at Ministry Watchman, commenting in the threads, and patrolling the surrounding blog sphere, I want to formulate a hypothesis and begin testing it for how well it can predict the future cyber writing from that place. Here’s my first, tentative hypothesis:

(H1 or MCT) : A group of kinists have a cave in Montana where they keep kid-napped cranky reformed pastors (an estimated 3 to 7). These pastors are typically strapped to a chair and receive high voltage shocks if they do not comply with the wishes of the kinists. They are each given a lap top and an assignment for each day. The goal is to successfully annihilate all reformed Christian ministries that are nigger lovers. Since this happens to comprise all reformed Christian ministries, they have found themselves with the unpleasant task of supplanting the reformed establishment in America.

This is only a hypothesis and can be rejected entirely upon the first bit of evidence that strongly suggests this is not true. If this fails to give us predictive accuracy, I’m going to start playing around with the idea that the Watchman is a combination of Hilary Clinton and two other unidentified people.

The above is fully in line with current scientific procedure and the demands of falsifiability. H1 was confirmed when three gmail accounts associated with Ministry Watchman were used by a person/people to express great emotional distress when I requested that they publicly state that they are not kinists. They denied they were kinists off-line, yet refused to do so as a formal expression of Ministry Watchman. This observation would be predicted by my Montana Cave Theory (MCT).

Important Definitional Clarification: The MCT hypothesis does not predict that this group of kinists will call themselves kinists or that when asked if they are a kinist be met with “yes, I am a kinist.” Labels are slippery things, and easily avoided. So here is a new definition:

S is a kinist if and only if S’s behavioral disposition leads with a fair degree of reliability to the following two results: 1) S refuses to publicly deny they are a kinist and 2) S refuses to show moral misgivings about the kinist position.


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