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An Apology From A Cyber Person

The Ministry Watchman apologizes to me. I will reply soon.


Michael Paul Metzler
Only one wart so far
Cell Phone: 509-330-1503
Moscow, Idaho

Graduate Student; happily married; four children
Hobbies: philosophy of law; keeping the world safe from Doug Wilson
Personal Narrative: http://www.poohsthink.com
Fact for today: I had to go get some more tile out of storage so that my tile guy could level the floor of a travertine shower. I stepped out of my truck and BLAM. I did not see the slick ice until I had been humbled by the mass of our planet at an accelaration of about 9.81 m/s/s. I had a strange thought while getting up: I’m glad there was no kirkers around to be tempted with the idea that some of their prayers might have been answered.

Misc: I have no other cyber lives I am living and I do not get confused about what my name is while finding myself in different conversational contexts.


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