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Well, the Watchman just libeled me for not allowing criticism through at Pooh’s Think. It is therefore a good deal ironic that what is really my hospitable and equitable standards in allowing posts here in the Wood compels me to let in this one:

Good evening, Mr. Metzler:

I offer you congratulations again on an analysis which was well done and insightful to many.

I have no intention of pretending we are friends or have history. However, I know you have taken a beating for your last post, and your ongoing commentary. I am grateful for that last post.

My intent (and those who contribute to our modest blog) is not hidden, it is rather open: I desire to defend my friends (many families) against a cantankerous couple who has been unwilling to receive correction, who continues to lie, misrepresent, and mischaracterize, while playing the role of victim. Their act is not new, as is stated in the Boerne Christian Assembly declaration:

“It is a strategic tactic, the goal of which appears to be to confuse uninvolved third parties and to deflect attention from the real sin of the couple and the due process of accountability brought against them by a covenanting body that knows them very well and has walked with them for many years.”

In sum, their ongoing behavior has been consistent with some of the very issues for which they were excommunicated by the BCA congregation without a single vote in opposition.

The pattern of the Epstein’s has been consistent: Wife complains about husband being angry and unkind. Husband is angry about lack of submission, strong will, and issue of infidelity. Wife accuses husband of being unstable. Husband grows angrier. Wife lords over husband with words of repentance but no fruit and condemns husband for his sin. Both are confronted for sin. Wife feigns innocent, helpless, abused one. Husband runs to the aid of wife, unites in cause and declares himself to be the problem. Wife gloats in self-righteousness. This pattern is repeated over and over again – the man is emasculated.

This should be apparent even in their offered defense. Jen leads the charge. Jen is the voice. Mark says, yes ma’am. And, he is shamed before all as Jennifer offers her cavalier account of “The Parable of the Bed.” They spread their story abroad and then complain when people talk of it? They have sewn discord with one another, in a church, in a community, and now seek to go abroad. The man if further shamed before all, and Jennifer continues to sew her seeds of division.

I hope you continue to see the details and the problems with the Epstein’s story.

Your post is worthy of respect.




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