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Justice in the Wood and Blood in the Streets

Over at Little Geneva:

Likewise, after comparing Phillips to Hitler, Michael Metzler grouses about “American apple pie served by white girls in pretty fluffy dresses.”

For clarification, I did not compare Phillips to Hitler, but rather the nature of some of Phillips teaching to some of Hitler’s propaganda. I was not even comparing current realities of Vision Forum or Phillip’s church with the fruits of Hitler’s propaganda. I was pointing out the fact that the possible, future, down-stream effects of Phillips’ ideology carries danger, just as it was the down-stream effect of Hitler’s ideology that landed on the world’s radar screen, and not whatever it was that went on directly under Hitler’s immediate control or view. My motivation for making this point was to seperate allegations about events of abuse under Phillips’ direct control and my past worries about Phillips’ ideology. I think this is important to clarify now that the Bayly Brothers and anti-kinist Pooh are currently on the in with the kinists since we said something bad about the next Leader assassinated in our new bloody revolution. And again, given that the Bayly Brothers’ version of patriarchy is apparently (as is apparent thus far in any case) worse than Phillips’ cultural vision, I hope the reader is willing to think hard about the complexities of this latest blog-war. Here was my statement about Phillips in its fuller context:

However, even if I was to think that Phillips was generally a good guy and his church a pleasant enough environment, I would still have full motivation to expose what his ideology will likely produce down stream. Was Hitler a dangerous man? Sure. But Hitler’s direct and immediate influence was fairly mild compared to what the spreading of his ethos and ideology was able to produce. And folks, Doug Phillips’ teaching on women, home, culture, and church is not really all that far from this kind of threat. It is dishonest, counter-civilization propaganda. It is a seductive drug that gives you a controllable world of ignorant bliss, hierarchy, and dehumanizing beauty (not to mention American apple pie served by white girls in pretty fluffy dresses). But the drug only creates its illusions for so long; in the end it gives us moral, cultural, educational, and political regress. Fluffy dresses where fine back when fluffy dresses were just dresses. But in today’s world, they are not just dresses. Phillips’ teaches a seductive tail; given the kind of moral and legal progress we have had, and given what the real world is like today, this seductive tail only gives progress superficially, in small short lived cloisters that will ultimately only speed up relativistic, postmodern back lashes to all kinds of manly metanarratives.


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  1. For anybody (including Michael Metzler) who is still in the dark about this story:

    Jennifer Epstein is Charles Fisher. Ministry Watchman is a sham.

    Here are just some of the aliases she is using, many of them in just one thread:

    Praying and Thinking, Jimmy Olson, Charles Fisher, Teacher, TruthProfessor, Trust but Verify, Helpful, Light M., James Coleman, Calling on VF Board, Shocked, Freed by His Blood, Amy, Restitution Required, Ex BCA Member, Native Texan, Is Gothard Key?, Testimony, Professor Truth, Truth Seeker, Thinking Man, Tyrant Slayer and many more.

    Does that sound like a news organization with high journalistic standards?

    This is multiple personality disorder.

    B. Harper

    Comment by BHarper | December 7, 2006 | Reply

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