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COTK, CREC, & Tyranny: Part 8

Unfortunately, the more we see revealed of the corruption of Wilson’s extended world the more we see irrational stirring from those who pledge fidelity to it; these are people more committed to their social identity with this world than they are to justice, truth, or the accountability found in broader perimeters.

We should expect more of this stirring now that we have a lengthy primary document written up by elders who were just in the CREC who had direct dealing with Doug Wilson. The content and severity of their statements are clear and on public record. The reporting of this so far has been sober, accurate, and judicious. The facts and implications of this particular case are beyond a reasonable doubt—as our series will only affirm further as time goes on.

The elders of Christ Church generally shrug their shoulders and mutter under their breath. However, Ministry Watchman’s accurate reporting of this primary document from the COTK pricked a few responses: Csaba rebuked me and somehow confused the primary document and the Watchman’s reporting of it as my own “bitterness” that is about to “destroy me.” Mike Lawyer, Doug Wilson’s personal assistant, referred to the reporting of the primary document as “silliness.” Patch Blakey referred to this primary document and close reporting of it by the Watchman as mere “tripe and slander.” And now just this evening, I received a very strange email from Chris Witmer:

From: Christopher Witmer [mailto:Christopher*** @***-sc.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2006 7:34 PM
To: ***witmer@***.net
Subject: RE: Your decision to withdraw from the CREC

Dear Don,

Thanks very much for taking the time and effort to graciously address my concerns. I pray that our Father in Heaven would continue to grant His merciful protection and all-wise guidance to both the CREC and COTK, and that COTK shall continue to prosper and bear abundant fruit for His kingdom’s sake. In connection with that prayer, I also pray that the efforts of perverse men to spin all of this into a scandal that it is not shall be brought to naught, and that God would judge them according to their deeds.

In the love of our Savior,

Christopher Witmer
—–Original Message—–
Dear Christopher,
1)”What the fuss has been all about” is simply
2) The reason this is the “first time you have heard of it” is
3) The “good deal of sharp disagreement between Andrew and Doug”
4) You are correct, changing the CREC Constitution is
5) Your straw man of “tyrannical local leadership” grandly describes a
6) Having options besides “booting out a congregation”
7) The Bible references are what undergird the proper application

Although Witmer has just recently offered a public apology to me, he now refers to me as one of those “perverse men to spin all of this into a scandal.” And I even get a small imprecatory prayer to boot: “that God would judge them according to their deeds.” This is some pretty wild stuff if you ask me. I would certainly be interested to see the full contents of this “original message” from Don. It would no doubt be illuminating to compare it to the COTK’s original public statement, the one they still stand by.

Update: Chris followed up this morning with further clarification: “…there is a certain objective perverseness to much of what you write. You seem to have long since passed the point where you can post something about certain topics without sinning. It is a sad thing to see.”


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  1. The COTK issue is a non-issue. They left, that’s their choice. Why should we care?

    Comment by Paul Jordan | December 4, 2006 | Reply

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