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What Does An Answer To Imprecatory Prayers Look Like?


I’m not fond of reading tea leaves, and I’m sure that I’ve left out some critical events, but here is a pencil sketch of the Kirk’s first 20 months that followed Wilson’s incorporation of imprecatory prayers in their daily life in June–July 2003. Please note that this list does not include the physical tragedies visited upon certain elders’ wives or other members:

August 2003 — Steven Sitler arrived in Moscow to molest several Kirk children.

September 2003 — Christ Church opened a “line of credit” to fund Canon Press because they could not make payroll. Since then Canon downsized by laying off and/or terminating key employees.

October 2003 — Daily News ran the “Southern Slavery” headline describing Wilson as a . . . well, a racist; AP wire sent it to the four corners of the earth.

November 2003 — Evangelical Free Church of Pullman, WA, issued its first of three public rebukes to Douglas Wilson, warning their congregation thereby.

November 2003 — the presidents of the University of Idaho and Washington State University issue public statements repudiating Douglas Wilson’s embarrassing position on slavery.

November 2003 — Doug Jones is rushed to the ER after a coal-chute door swung open and knocked him unconscious (it nearly killed him).

February 2004 — More than 1,000 citizens on the Palouse sign a public rebuke to Douglas Wilson (“Not In Our Town”) and publish it in a two full-page ads in the local newspapers.

July 2004 — Latah County Commissioners order Christ Church and NSA to pay property tax in a high-profile headline case.

August 2004 — Daily News runs a front-page story covering Wilson’s plagiarism.

August 2004 — Sixty-seven academics on the Palouse sign a public statement affirming that they would have flunked Wilson for plagiarism in his work Southern Slavery As It Was.

November 2004 — Wilson initiates his planned subversion of COTK.

December 2004 — Wilson cancels a scheduled meeting at EEF (CREC church in Bellevue, WA) to defend Southern Slavery As It Was against a University of Washington history professor’s refutation because a North Carolina newspaper discovered the book and ran a story about it two days before the meeting. Oooops, bad timing.

January 2005 — Three former kirkers sign a zoning complaint against NSA; Moscow City Council declared NSA in violation. To this day, NSA continues to violate the Zoning Code.

March 2005 — Wilson learns that Steven Sitler spent the last 18 months molesting several kirker children.

April 2005 — WORLD Magazine publishes a story exposing Wilson’s plagiarism.

As I said, I’m sure I missed a few, but this is an accurate sketch of Kirk history since the implementation of imprecatory prayers. I bring it to your attention simply as a heads up.


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