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Remarkable: we still have nothing from an elder not receiving a full income from local ministries associated with Douglas Wilson. But we did get something in from elder Patch Blakey—given the elder’s typical refusal to communicate with me at all, they are clearly playing a crafted game here. Despite how nice Blakey can be in person, he is an odd duck when it comes to his membership with the Kirk, something many can testify to.

There are many things I still have not published here in the Wood, in part to be polite and in part for fear of vicious legal action from certain Kirkers. I did not leave Christ Church unscathed; Blakey fostered horrible treatment towards me from another Kirker and was then placed in judgment over the very problem he helped create; he then, unsurprisingly, judged with a vicious eye towards injustice. In fact, everyone involved with that situation in the Kirk acted deceptively and in a way very harmful to myself and my local business; yet, a couple guys involved had to actually “help” me a bit with where folks like Blakey wanted to take it. This was after Pooh’s Think was playing at full volume and before I was kicked out of Christ Church.

It is therefore not surprising to me that Blakey would now send me over the strong claim that Andrew Sandlin, the elders of COTK, and Ministry Watchman’s reporting on the public document from the CREC church harmed by Doug Wilson have furthered “pure tripe and slander.” The fact that I would even further this reporting along to those who it is about constitutes nothing but “hardness of heart,” “bonds of bitterness,” an “act of slander,” and a commitment to mere “strife.”

Thankfully, this just and loving elder is still “praying” for me. Really good to know! Given the cold shoulder, injustice, and harshness I have received from Patch Blakey throughout all of this, I’m a bit afraid about what kind of praying he is doing for me. Christ Church, after all, has a strange way of praying about their public critics. Anyhow, here’s the note I have finally received from elder Patch Blakey:


I pray for you to repent of your hardness of heart. You seem to be in the bonds of bitterness and committed to pursuing strife. The article you forwarded is pure tripe and slander of a very humble and godly man, Pastor Douglas Wilson. Your act in forwarding it is also an act of slander.

Please remove me from your email list. I will continue to pray for you.

In Christ,

Patch Blakey

Patch Blakey
Executive Director
Association of Classical & Christian Schools
P.O. Box 9741
Moscow, Idaho 83843

—–Original Message—–
From: Michael [mailto:metzler2@adelphia.net]
Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2006 4:17 PM
To: ‘Matt Gray’; ‘Matt Gray 2′; ‘James B. Nance’; ‘Chris Schlect’; ………

Subject: Watchman’s coverage of Wilson’s latest

I thought you all might like to know the Ministry Watchman’s coverage of Wilson’s latest act of tyranny: http://ministrywatchman.com/?p=47


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