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I am almost done with Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation. This book is short, concise, very well written, generally well argued, thick on interesting statistics, and right to point. Harris does an excellent job a presenting the natural force of the problem of evil and the political dilemma of secularist pluralists trying to make sense out of a nation that is uniquely religious….and uniquely legalistic, harsh, calloused, ignorantly dogmatic, unreasonable, immoral, barbaric.

One strong point in the book that deserves more attention around the Wood is Harris’ illumination of the disconnect between religious conservativism and a practical, humanitarian approach to law and punishment (see the recent link about theonomy for a related issue). There are a number of concerns running through this book that parallel the kind of corruptions we have been tracking within conservative reformed communities and fundamentalism more broadly considered. It would be interesting to see an intelligent and honest apologetic reply to this book; I haven’t seen it yet (although Wilson has at least kept his chainsaw sheathed this time around).

The reason I bring this up now is to inform you also of the discussion forums at Harris’ web site: Hundreds of threads with thousands of comments. If you are a Wilsonite personality-cult groupy and want to go prove a couple of Harris’ points incarnationally for him, be Harris’ guest!


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