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I Finally Hear From My Dear Friend Csaba

Well, happy thanksgiving to you to my dear missionary elder! I just received the following email from Csaba Leidenfrost. I sent the elders of Christ Church a link to Ministry Watchman’s recent coverage of Wilson’s tyranny to make sure they saw it. This was the email I sent:

From: Michael [mailto:metzler2@adelphia.net]
Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2006 4:17 PM
To: ‘Matt Gray’; ‘Matt Gray 2′; ‘James B. Nance’; ‘Chris Schlect’; howell***@***.com’; ‘Doug Wilson’; ‘Mike Lawyer’; ’struble***@t****.com’; ‘Peter Leithart’; ‘Patch Blakey’; ‘csaba_****@***.org’; ‘Whitling Matt’; ‘Doug Jones’; ‘Ed Iverson’; ‘drgrauke***@***.com’; ‘Dale***Courtneys.***’; ‘Ben Merkle’; ‘Gordon Wilson’; Keith Dimiler ***

Subject: Watchman’s coverage of Wilson’s latest

I thought you all might like to know the Ministry Watchman’s coverage of Wilson’s latest act of tyranny: http://ministrywatchman.com/?p=47

Happy Thanksgiving,

Here is what I received from Csaba in reply:


Please stop sending me these emails. I do not agree with you, and I urge you to repent of your bitterness before it destroys you. Just step back and look at yourself and listen to things you keep saying. There is no loveliness in them. You sound so hateful, so bitter, so unhappy, and so un-thankful.

Please read Jim Wilson’s article on “How to be free from bitterness” at freefrombitterness/index.htm [Written by Doug Wilson’s father]


It is good to get a feel for the level of integrity and rationality the elders of Christ Church are currently employing while the exposure of their North Idaho tea party continues. Csaba was a dear friend of mine and I studied with him a bit, primarily sticking to the topic of missionary theology; much of the reading he recommended is what helped form my eventual disillusionment of Doug Wilson’s “apologetic” practices—and hence, what led to my own lynching. When I started Pooh’s Think, however, Csaba was out of the country. Yet, he did get copied a good deal of the correspondence between myself and Wilson. I have not had any communication with this dear “friend” of mine over the last year at all and I was curious what he would be willing to think, say, or do about this matter given his personal knowledge of me and his distance from all this (he was a missionary in Africa). This email from him is the only communication I have received from him after a year of silence; this seems particularly curious given the fact that Csaba is not only a friend of mine but one of the elders of Christ Church.

Since Csaba wanted to speculate about what motivates my interpretation of Douglas Wilson I thought I would speculate a bit about what motivates his interpretation of my criticism of Douglas Wilson. Csaba pulls in an income from Christ Church that provides for his entire family and his wife does not do anything for an income last I knew. They are fully funded as missionaries, yet their tasks have been very limited to translating NT books into dialects that might very well be extinct soon; further, one could rather labor at teaching French to the uneducated villages they minister too and pass out bibles translated in French. Csaba was talking about getting Doug Wilson’s books translated into French and distributed to the native peoples. But perhaps more importantly, last I heard, they were removing themselves from their missionary organization and planning to move back to Moscow. To my knowledge, Csaba has no career skills that he could immediately fall back on in order to begin pulling in a healthy income. Ok, I’m done speculating about motivation. So now we are even.

Please note that Csaba has just been sent an article written by someone I don’t know and published by a new organization I am not formally affiliated with at all. This is just one more public exposure by more people. And yet look at Csaba’s response: “look at the things you keep saying.” Yes indeed! Look at the things I keep saying. Actually, it is the same things that hundreds of people keep saying…and I didn’t say it in the first place. Are all these people just filled with “bitterness” toward Doug Wilson? Is Vance? Jen? The Watchman? The Southern Poverty Law Center? The president of University of Idaho? The president of Washington State University? Most the people I know outside of Wilson’s religious clan? Csaba has given us a wonderful illustration of the level of irrationality that now must be employed in order for insiders to continue thinking they are a part of the “next reformation” in our society when that society just keeps pointing out, very cogently, that they most certainly are not. Notice also that the truth of the matter that the Watchman is reporting on is entirely beside the point for Csaba, just like the truth exposed here at Pooh’s Think is entirely beside the point.

But Csaba is right; I have no intentions here to reveal how “thankful” I am about Doug Wilson and his continual abuse towards many that Csaba refuses to hold him accountable to. This web site is, after all, primarily dedicated to this particular issue. Yet, the “bitter” card was a bit surprising. This is the routine way the Kirk emotionally handles criticism, led firmly by Wilson’s hand. If someone offers criticism they automatically receive the condemnation of being very very “bitter.” “Bitterness” attribution becomes a one size fits all moral and emotional response to anyone who criticizes their leader. However, the fact that this was clearly not what was driving Pooh’s Think, particularly originally, created a strange absence of this kind of character smear. I knew Wilson’s tactics already, and so I did certain things to rhetorically immunize myself. And it worked fairly well; Wilson had to come up with stranger ad hoc accusations that did indeed surprise me. But now here we are back to square one. Pooh’s Think is just a bunch of bitterness. Oh, good. Then let’s all go home, be happy, and praise the prophet Doug Wilson. Amen.

And thanks for the recommended reading. I’ve got a recommendation too: Ministry Watchman and Pooh’s Think.


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