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COTK, CREC, & Tyranny: Part 3

Another Letter From Andrew Sandlin:

Dear Michael,

I gather that your site now carries quite a bit about COTK’s departure from the CREC. We don’t have time for a public exchange, but in the interest of fairness, we request you post this letter and then we’ll be done with it — it is your site and you are certainly free to have the last word(s).

We stated plainly, clearly and forcefully the reasons for our departure from the CREC. We were publicly identified with that group, and we offered a brief public explanation as to why we left. Public actions warrant public explanations.

We have been accused on the one hand of severity with the CREC and on the other hand of leniency. Actually, we have simply tried to be faithful with the light God has given us. Whether we have been as faithful as we should, only God can judge.

Your site mentions a number of events seemingly related to the CREC in which we are alleged to have been in collusion with unjust decisions. I can assure you and your readers, we know little or nothing about these events. We joined the CREC understanding it to be a confederate structure; and, while we may been naive or may have misunderstood what that expression really was supposed to mean, we basically tried to mind our own business and expected others to mind their own business on such matters. We are not attacking anybody or defending anybody in all the CREC complaints you mention: we just don’t have the facts and frankly have more important things to do than to try to adjudicate all of them. In this age of rapid electronic dissemination of accusations, all we can do is state what we know to be true in our own case. We cannot address all conceivable cases.

We have been accused of being politically correct in not saying more about the CREC. The fact is, we have said what we believe needs to be said publicly, and we have offered elaboration in a private statement [originally made public; hence this link] for any who want it and who agree not to post it or release its contents in a public forum. We have not tried to be either politically correct or politically incorrect; we have tried to do the right thing with the light God has given us.

And we understand how reasonable people on all sides may disagree with us.

Sincerely, in Jesus,

P. Andrew Sandlin
Church of the King-Santa Cruz


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