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COTK, CREC, & Tyranny: Part 2

There is now an entire website dedicated to the more full statement originally put out by the COTK elder guys; you can find this statement at “Pope Doug.”

Please recall: the COTK elders still stand behind this original statement, published this publicly without apologies, removed it for only ancillary reasons, and have promised to send this statement to anyone who asks. So please click on this link and read the statement in full without hesitation. Does Doug Wilson want you to do this? Of course not. Would Wilson be willing to hurt people in order to keep this under wraps? Of course he would. All the more reason you need to read it! These elders are very clear that the actions of Douglas Wilson in dealing with them (a fellow CREC church) where arrogant, abusive, tyrannical, and morally corrupt in general.

It turns out that the original publishing of this statement is still on the internet as well, which you can see here.

I did finally receive the original statement from the COTK elders, but only after I was notified about these two other web sites.


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