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Christians Need To Be More Like Muslims?

Another Wilson Reader has further demonstrated Sam Harris’ concern, but in a slightly different way this time. Rayu writes about Wilson’s concern over Islam:

…sugar-candy Christianity is not match to it. As the modern world is getting increasingly disillusioned with both humanism and the New Age, with their norms of morality absent, they turn to Islam, because Islam appears to have the only power to withstand the tendency. . . . We as Christians failed to stand up for what we believe to be the center of all things. And these kind of things are showing to the people. The apologies were brought, but only to the Muslims, who stood up to it. These things are telling people who are real and who are the windbags. The type of Christianity that is not interested of practicing the rule of Christ is doomed to be abandoned and die. But as always, God has a few thousand of His faithful that have not bowed down to Baal.

Harris’ point is that there is something commonly wrong with both Islam and Christian fundamentalism. Rayu just helps make Harris’ analogy tighter. Here is a Wilson following Christian who is arguing that conservative Christians need to become more like Muslims. Islam has the kind of “power” we need to withstand the corruption of the infidel. The problem with fundamentalist Christians is not that they are bigoted dogmatists, unreasonable, reclusive, harsh, non-missional, etc, but that they did not “stand up” to their opponent. Muslims are “real” whereas squishy Christians who have integrated themselves within society are “windbags.” Real religion is “doomed” if it does not practice the “rule” of Christ—you know, just like the more real Muslims practice the “rule” of Allah. And in good fundamentalist fashion, Rayu takes comfort that there are still a few thousand of the 300 million Christians that stand faithful. (If Rayu was just talking about America, this would be one person out of 100,000 people—like one person in a medium sized American town). Given the real political and cultural situation we are in, this is frightening stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving America!


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