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Are Fundamentalists Discompassionate Embeciles?

This is a question that Kurt Smith insightfully raised for us this Thanksgiving day. Kurt gets back on the thread about evolution and follows up this morning:

…it does not follow from anything I’ve written above that I must be a discompassionate imbecile for opposing ratification of the Kyoto accords, redefinition of marriage, the slaughter of human offspring, or embryonic stem cell research, which are really the sort of political concerns guys like Harris and Dawkins would like to see resolved in their favor. The dispute with them is not about science.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Kurtis Smith – 11/23/2006 1:45:09 PM | Report Comment

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Last thanksgiving I feasted with Kurt Smith–my family feasted with his family–at which time he applauded my posting on Wilson’s blog and expressed concern about infant baptism and the serrated edge. It was only a few months later that he turned his wife and children against my family and enacted the most aggressive shunning the Kirk has yet to express. He then went on and harassed me with 18 irrational and insulting emails in just two days. After I started posting his correspondence to Pooh’s Think with a few background facts (he asked Christ Church to publish some of this very correspondence), Kurt informed me that he had hired an attorney and was getting ready to sue me. Wilson aggressively applauded Kurt’s actions, which was precisely when we decided to temporarily stop attending Christ Church. The elders of Christ Church disrespectfully demanded I remove all this from my web site, and consistent with my full obedience to the elders of Christ Church I complied. A bit later Kurt hired some kind of delivery service to come and pick up the children clothes my wife had “borrowed” from his wife, and once the certified letters ceased, Kurt had another Christ Church member hand deliver messages for him. (Andrew Sandlin would have known about most of this since he informed me in writing that he reads my web site “with much interest”.)

All that to say: I doubt anyone here in the Wood would want to point to this latest thread to show the congruity between Kurt’s fundamentalist political stances and his being a “discompassionate imbecile.” I don’t think there is sufficient evidence in this thread about science to prove that Kurt is a discompassionate imbecile.

And Merry Christmas too.


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