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The Woman Who Sued the Christian Right?

Someone just sent me a link to a very interesting read, which you can see here . This Heart is not a bad journalist, as this metaphorical qualification of her own excommunication and abuse by the murder of O.J. Simpson’s wife reveals.

Is she revealing the life story of Doug Wilson’s very own Valerie (Kyriosity)? Apparently not actually. Someone wrote in:

Heart describes her as blonde, but Valerie (Kyriosity) is brunette. She can’t be Valerie Barrett, as Valerie (Kyriosity) has, to my knowledge, never been married. It’s not at all clear to me that the life story of Valerie (Kyriosity) is being referred to at all. . . .

A sampling from Heart’s post:

…I don’t know how I missed it, but I learned, for example, that one of the leaders on the Religious Right who was central to my own national excommunication — Michael Farris of Patrick Henry College and the Home School Legal Defense Association in Virginia — had recently stepped down as president of his Patrick Henry College, opened in 2000. Why? Because nearly a third of the professors of the college resigned last spring in one fell swoop citing issues of academic freedom after one of them got fired by Farris on the spot one day. …

…I also, in my researching, learned that R.C. Sproul, Jr, son of a highly-regarded theologian, had been defrocked by his denomination amidst charges of spiritual abuse, identity theft, and promoting use of alcohol, including at church meetings, in a way that was, um, immoderate. It wasn’t just communion. This was of interest to me in part because one of his closest chums in the patriarchy movement, Doug Phillips, once an attorney with Farris’s organization, once publicly and openly castigated me as “a jezebel” at a conference in which he was theoretically pontificating on about homeschooling. I was interested in learning how Phillips would respond to his buddy’s defrocking. He didn’t, that I could see (and he’s still selling his buddy’s books).

After my excommunication, when I resumed publication, I got an e-mail from a woman in these circles who had been a subscriber. “If this were truly a godly nation,” she wrote, “you wouldn’t only have been excommunicated. You would have been executed.” The woman’s name is Valerie Jill Barrett. I went looking to find out how she had responded to Sproul’s ousting, given that she shares his theology; I found her urging one and all not to listen to “gossip” but to go directly to the source– something she certainly never did when she heard the gossip about me; then it was straight to execution talk. Well, maybe she’s changed her mind about these things. Not so long ago, her abusive ex-husband, a Christian reconstructionist attorney named Timothy Barrett, had his license to practice law suspended in Virginia. The portion of the page I linked to chronicling Timothy Barrett’s abuse of his ex-wife and of the legal system deserves its own series of blog posts. Pretty impressive in a macabre and morbid fathers’ rights/men’s rights sort of way. I find it interesting that despite Timothy Barrett’s antics, Valerie Barrett keeps defending the patriarchs, keeps living the life. …

…The full quiver people never talk about the victims of the movement, other than to distance themselves, to explain how it is that the victims are aberrations. They don’t talk about women like Andrea Yates and her children. Yates stoned her kids in her back yard, then drowned them, believing she was a terrible mother and that her children would be better off with God than with her. They don’t talk about women like Kimberly Forder, who with her patriarch husband adopted seven children of color after bearing three biological children. Following the admonitions of some “quiver full” leaders to be sure to properly chastise and discipline her kids, she and her husband abused one of their adopted children so badly that he died. It was only this year, four years after the child’s death, when an adult biological daughter charged her adult brother with rape that the story was told. The family was in Liberia at the time, in the mission field. The full quiver folks don’t talk about full quiver moms who follow the advice of people like Mike and Debi Pearl and what happens to their children. They don’t talk about the deep depression into which the wife of the head of Full Quiver Mission has fallen, or why. They don’t publicize the stories of the women I know– women who have lived in, birthed in, delapidated trailers or shacks without power or running water because their husbands wanted to live “debt-free,” women who have survived on $100 per month for food for seven or eight kids and $25 per month for clothes for those kids, for years, because that’s all their patriarch husbands would allow them. They don’t publicize the many women who have suffered rapes, beatings, and been told by their “elders” they should pray about it, be a better wife….


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