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A Letter From Andrew Sandlin

Dear Michael,

I note the comments from your site about the Church of the King statement of withdrawal from the CREC. I wanted to mention that we removed the original, full statement not as a result of any pressure from the CREC but on further reflection and in consultation with our advisory board. The full statement is available privately, and the reason you have not gotten your copy yet is not because we are reluctant to send it but because we are busy: you and all others who requested it will get your copy soon.

We were publicly identified with the CREC and felt that a brief, public explanation of our departure was warranted. We understand that many folks have all sorts of disagreements with the CREC, just as they do with me and a host of others. Our rationale for leaving the CREC was specific and narrow, and we stated it plainly.

We say to you what we say to the CREC: may God bless you as you follow Him. Nothing we have said in our public statements is a smear on either you or other folks who disagree publicly with the CREC, on the CREC itself, or on anybody else.

We were simply providing an explanation.

Would you be willing to post this letter at your site?

With much respect,

P. Andrew Sandlin
Church of the King-Santa Cruz


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