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Sam Harris Is An Intriguing Fellow

The more I learn about Sam Harris the more intrigued I am about his approach. As stated in his bio , Harris graduated from the philosophy department of Stanford University, a place where you find some pretty profound characters; and he is currently pursuing his PhD in neuroscience in NY city. In a recent interview, Harris presents what is a unique set of convictions:

With the publication of his 2004 New York Times bestseller, “The End of Faith,” a full-throttle attack on religion, Sam Harris became the most prominent atheist in America.

For many, that would be a profoundly dubious honor. A recent national study by University of Minnesota researchers found that atheists are America’s least trusted minority group—trusted less than Muslims, recent immigrants and homosexuals. Americans are also least willing to approve of their children marrying atheists, according to the study. …

… Distilling 20 years of study of both Eastern and Western religious disciplines, along with the blood-soaked lessons of thousands of years of religious violence, Harris aims to incite a reason-based revolution in the minds of the faithful everywhere. And indeed, his criticism extends far beyond fundamentalists. Harris also makes life very uncomfortable for religious moderates, who, he argues, pave the way for fundamentalism by their insistence on tolerance and respect for all religious beliefs—no matter their implications….

Go to the link above for more information.


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