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What the Ministry Watchman Is to be About

Here is the opening of the Ministry Watchman’s “About Page.” :


“Perhaps nothing in our society is more needed for those in positions of authority than accountability. Too often those with authority are able (and willing) to surround themselves with people who support their decisions without question.” Steven Covey

Statement Of Purpose: Ministry Watchman holds Christian ministers and their ministries accountable to biblical standards of conduct by, where necessary, exposing internal graft, compromise, hypocrisy, tyranny and corruption. Our primary focus is on those ministers who hold to the Reformed faith traditions and teachings.

Ministry supporters have a right to know that the monies they contribute to Christian ministries are actually being expended for genuine ministry purposes, and not just being squandered to personally enrich ministry leaders. Ministry supporters also have a right to know that their donations are going to support ministers who practice what they preach, who live exemplary lives, and who shepherd rather than tyrannize and abuse their flocks.


Me: We’ll see if this works. If it does, then this will become a very popular and successful site. If it doesn’t, and it just might not given the high level of corruption within the layman accountability base, then the Reformed Tradition will go down the drain in the form of the yin and the yang: arid propositionalism squishing around with Challies’ insipid sentimentalism. Either way, it is good that they have the confessionalist requirement for writing; generally, I think this requirement, particularly the very narrow requirement of the Westminster Confession, to be very problematic. However, if the people they are trying to hold accountable and those laymen they are trying to inform are such subscriptionists, then this could help the more important cause. The more important cause goes beyond the barriers of individual Christian splinter groups in America, and to the need of truth (and gospel truth), justice, and freedom from tyranny—walking humbly, seeking mercy and justice. It is interesting that the local effects of the personality of Doug Wilson, the ministry of Ligonier Ministry, and the theonomic patriarchy of Doug Phillips extend far beyond such confessional communities.

What would be fun would be a Robin Hood minstries: where we go break into all the corrupt donor fund safes, steel the wealth, and distribute it to the poor.


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