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Two Books Recommended


I read a couple books recently I thought might be of interest to your readers. Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer and Our Endangered Values by Jimmy Carter.

Both books deal with religious fundamentalism in America. I know you have been drawing parallels to Kirk life and cults. I don’t know much about cults, so I will not dispute your opinion. I would like to see, however, more discussion on fundamentalism as I think this is more to the point.

My background is one of fundamentalist grass roots Christianity in Southern California. I was always told that Jimmy Carter was a secular humanist and his brand of Christianity was a smooth file. Having worked through my faith as an adult and moved away from the clannish fundamentalist groups, I often felt I was unique and alone. Jimmy’s Carter’s book was a blessing to me because it confirmed that there are other mature Christian men in this world. Fundamentalist groups like the Kirk grab so much attention that steady mature Christian minds are often unheard.

Jon Krakauer, on the other hand, is not a Christian, but has done an excellent job revealing the nature of religious fundamentalism in Under the Banner of Heaven. He does so through the lens of the history of the Mormon church and the heinous crimes perpetrated by it’s fundamentalist followers. While I don’t think Christ Church is a criminal element in our society, its similarities to the voraciousness of Mormon dogma are startling.

While very different both these books are dealing with the same topic and I recommend them to your readers. As a taste, I have included below some points by Jimmy Carter in which he defines religious fundamentalism:

“Almost invariably, fundamentalist movements are led by authoritarian males who consider themselves to be superior to others and, within religious groups, have an overwhelming commitment to subjugate women and to dominate their fellow believers”

“Fundamentalists are militant in fighting against any challenge to their beliefs. They are often angry and sometimes resort to verbal or even physical abuse against those who interfere with the implementation of their agenda”

“Fundamentalists tend to make their self-definition increasingly narrow and restricted, to isolate themselves, to demagogue emotional issues, and to view change, cooperation, negotiation, and other efforts to resolve differences as signs of weakness”

Is it possible Mr. Carter knows Mr. Wilson?

I know you’re busy, Michael, but keep up the good work.


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  1. Hi. I would love to dialog here. Great web site. Bring it on. Once again, all posts sent to metzler@moscow.com will be published at http://www.poohsthink.com.

    Michael Metzler

    Comment by Michael Metzler | November 2, 2006

    By the way: please remove your libelous claim “but he blocks all comments on his blog.” That is clearly an intentionally dishonest way of refering to the simple fact that I don’t have comments. I used to; it was in my favor to given the intelligence and character of my opponent; and when I ceased comments I explained why at length (and have had to repeat myself more than once). I “block all comments” the same way Peter Leithart “blocks all comments” on his blog. Check it out: http://www.leithart.com

    Given this libelous statement right out the gate, I take it that you are a Wilson defender.

    Michael Metzler

    Comment by Michael Metzler | November 3, 2006


    If you are so interested in dialog, why not post a link from your website?

    Comment by Pooh | November 3, 2006

    I very rarely post links to web sites until I think I can anticipate what kind of sites they are. I think it is a privelage to earn the blog hits from well read blogs. This principle is the same for business referals. I was tempted to provide a link to this site only to show how silly the opening remarks were about my refusal to allow comments. If I prefered spending my time answering the 101 irrational and insulting comments from Wilson apologists I would have re-activated my comments a long time ago. I prefer to give the read a chance to have a full post right to Pooh’s Think. For some reason this has been a great way of dignifying those who want to take a shot at real dialog while also filtering out the ninnies: they just refuse to send me a post. Strange stuff, but I like the way it has worked out so far. The only folks in this “debate” who refuse accountable face to face dialog is Wilson and his apologists. Given that I don’t like anonynomy on the web unless there is some principles purpose to it, I would ask that you fully disclose your identity and intentions. Word Press is a powerful application, and you have certainly not convinced me yet that you are desiring judicial discourse; in fact, your refusal to pull your opening, libelous remarks suggests that you have no intentions of seeing justice done here. The suggestion that I don’t promote open dialog is simply ludricrous too by the way. However, after nine months of trying open dialog, I’m certainly less motivated about this on the topic of Doug Wilson….


    Comment by Michael Metzler | November 3, 2006

    Comment by Michael Metzler | November 3, 2006

    Comment by Michael Metzler | November 7, 2006 | Reply

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