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We Must Remove The Heathen From the Palouse

Well, I took a look at Wilson’s blog for the first time in over a week, and behold, right there front and center was Wilson’s despicable theonomic interpretation of the Christian story, which you can see here. So, I decided to give a quick and simple continuance of our detached analysis of Wilson’s War Kirk. To maximally interpret what Wilson is doing in his theology—and again, his practical enemy theology is really the heart of what Wilson is driving for, despite all the smoke about “FV”—I really think that noting his brazen dishonesty should be well in place, or at least understood as a plausible piece of background knowledge. This post of Wilson’s is perfect illustration of how brazen his disregard for principled hermeneutics is.

Wilson wants conflict, war, and justification for his follower’s literal hatred of the “infidel.” Wilson has been manufacturing his enemy theology progressively both in terms of his ideology and in terms of his very practical stance against the local community even here in the quiet town of Moscow, Idaho. There is nothing in this post but a timeless, wooden application of not only Mosaic Law to the 21st century, but even the barbaric, bloody, Mosaic warfare. God wants nothing but “total and constant war” we are told. God’s intention is to “drive out the heathen” we are told. But who then are the holy ones? They are the covenant members, the children of the elect. Further, obey the Treaty Code and the Lord-berith will give you plenty of food, health, and wealth while you remain on his land. If you recall, Wilson teaches the practice of Christian’s enslaving non-Christians through usury and then hiring them as menial servant-employees. If the Israelites were a secluded people surrounded by literal enemies then we are to be a secluded people surrounded by literal enemies. If the Israelites under Mosaic Treaty were to seek the destruction of those who did not like them, then Christians today are to seek the destruction of those who do not like them. Go read the post; it is as simple as A, B, C, and 1, 2, 3. No! you say. Wilson couldn’t get away with this kind of theonomic teaching! You must be exaggerating.

If only this was true my friend. Apparently, Wilson can get away with just about anything unless he starts trying to blow up the white house.

In one of my Pooh’s Think meetings with Leithart and Wilson I asked how many of the professors at the University of Idaho where clearly God hating enemies. I didn’t press for an answer since I knew that Wilson didn’t have a principled answer; and he certainly didn’t volunteer an answer.


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  1. Hi. I would love to dialog here. Great web site. Bring it on. Once again, all posts sent to metzler@moscow.com will be published at http://www.poohsthink.com.

    Michael Metzler

    Comment by Michael Metzler | November 2, 2006

    By the way: please remove your libelous claim “but he blocks all comments on his blog.” That is clearly an intentionally dishonest way of refering to the simple fact that I don’t have comments. I used to; it was in my favor to given the intelligence and character of my opponent; and when I ceased comments I explained why at length (and have had to repeat myself more than once). I “block all comments” the same way Peter Leithart “blocks all comments” on his blog. Check it out: http://www.leithart.com

    Given this libelous statement right out the gate, I take it that you are a Wilson defender.

    Michael Metzler

    Comment by Michael Metzler | November 3, 2006

    Comment by Michael Metzler | November 3, 2006 | Reply

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