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OK, Just One More Comment About the Latest Lynching

Golly Bageepers. Please, please, can’t I just say one word in my own self defense in Wilson’s World before getting hanged?

Not on your life buddy; such there principles of justice don’t apply to the enemy during times of war….

I just skimmed a little bit more from Wilson’s Pooh Attack post. I’m afraid to read too much, for fear I might get into it too much myself and enjoy this secondary fictional world more than a responsible man should. It is like getting into a good novel and not being able to put it down. Whoever this Michael Metzler fellow is, I hope to meet him someday; he certainly has had some interesting problems and has had some unfortunate tangles with Christ Church. Let Wilson have the steering wheel, and …..hello! What Neverland world are we going to time travel to today?

I appreciate Mr. Garver’s and Richard’s attempt to provide some judicial sanity in Wilson’s World; it is nice having more balanced comments in there for public record; but more importantly, their contribution to the “discussion” adds some helpful chlorine for the pool. I suspect they understand what it is they are doing in this respect. It is clear that Wilson was going to lead this march all the way up to the tree, and I’m sure he would have been the first to throw the rope up over the branch. For the last nine months, Wilson has permitted and at times encouraged the most bizarre and violent behavior towards me and not once, not once, has Wilson pastorally stepped in and provided an ounce of balance or protection of myself and my household—no matter what it was that was going on. Wilson has steadily led a lynch mob, clearly hoping for the most disastrous results possible. And yet, Xon, who has been watching all this for at least some time now, grabs onto Wilson’s latest lie:

Wilson has claimed already in this thread, not that many comments ago in fact, that he and others at CC reached out to MM in various ways at an earlier time, but that these efforts were thrown back in his face. Now he is defending THE REST of his flock against accusations that they are a part of a cult, that they are sheep, etc., by pointing out that the less than scrupulous methods of their accuser (MM).

Yes. Please Wilson, tell us something to appease our conscience.

I have been requesting that my opponents address me to my face, whether on a format such as Vision 2020 or through posted exchanges right here in the Wood. After Wilson and Jones failed to offer a rational and non-cultish response to my growing determination to have my concerns and questions addressed as a member of Christ Church, no one has been willing to challenge me directly. This often results in mere anonymous shooting from the dark, or it leads to censuring my ability to respond, or it leads public announcements such as Wilson’s last post or the “elders” reply to the public criticism of the NSA pedophilia case. Some kirkers will try to get libelous statements up on the internet without my notice, such as Dale Courtney, Doug Farris, and the anonymous kirk-apologist front “Princess Tushi.” The fact that Wilson would encourage an entire thread of Pooh attacks and yet still refuse to allow me to reply or cross examine on that very thread is alone sufficiently illustrative of his entirely non-accountable approach to maligning me and suppressing public criticism.

Up till now, Wilson’s foe justification has been simply the idea that I was nothing, an imbecile that no one was listening to anyways—a psychologically deranged and bitter man who would only be unwisely encouraged if I was treated like a human being. It was beneath him to respond or have any rational exchange with me. If such lies were true, then this would be a reasonable justification. He now claims that he does not even read my blog. So, out of sight out of mind. Wilson has better things to do. Fair enough. If all this is true about me, and if Wilson doesn’t have the ability to actually be kind to me in response, then completely ignoring me would probably be better for my soul than feeding the fire of my bitterness, father hunger, and desperate need for attention.

But with the advent of this new approach of explicitly setting up an attack post and a lynch thread on his own blog, I’m afraid Wilson no longer has this foe justification. Wilson is left in a really interesting predicament as a “pastor” because of this. It has been over a year since Wilson determined that he was going to shun me due to his fear that I was becoming insubordinate in my attitude—as he admitted to in writing. During this time, there have only been two occasions in which Wilson allowed himself to dialog reasonably with me as if I was a normal human being (I guess I have never imagined he would be willing to treat me as the respectable man that he agreed I was just weeks before realizing my potential insubordination). Peter Leithart set up two meetings between Wilson and me and stated in writing that he sympathized with both positions and was clearly setting himself up as a neutral party; it was clear that this would force Wilson to have to interact with me in a normal, non-authoritarian way. In fact, the original purpose of these meetings, as directed by Leithart, was to give me the ability to confront Wilson over issues relating to his serrated edge.

The results of both these meetings were, well, not very supportive of Wilson’s high view of his authority over me at that time. In fact, I considered it to simply be an embarrassment for Wilson. I ended these meetings for a number of reasons I will not get into here, although Leithart left the door open for me to request a third meeting if I chose. Wilson or the elders of Christ Church, before, during, and after those two meetings have done nothing to encourage this kind dialog or outreach, and not once has there been a single move from the leadership of Christ Church to pursue me in any common-sense pastoral way. Doug Jones was unique in befriending me and being “nice,” but it was clear that his “either forget it or there will be a nasty fight” proclamation would not permit anything but implicit insult to my sincere concerns about Doug Wilson’s actions against others and Christ Church’s interface with the surrounding community. So no thanks; I can live without such patronizing niceness. Rather, Wilson and his apologists were harassing or insulting me while leading other Christ Church members to suspect my moral and mental health without any justification.

As for Xon’s statement about Wilson’s protection of the laymen of Christ Church, I’m afraid Xon has simply given into Wilson’s crafty rhetoric. Wilson always uses his congregation as a “human shield,” as I have illustrated a number times in the Wood, e.g., Wilson’s wild use of the victim’s of the pedophile in order to cease the public criticism of his own actions. I have been very clear and repetitive: calling Christ Church a ‘cult’ is a criticism of Doug Wilson primarily, and secondarily a criticism of the other “leadership” who refuse to offer Wilson any accountability. This has not been a criticism of the laity of Christ Church. I have made this clear enough that anyone who has followed this from the beginning could simply not honestly make this claim. This has also been made very clear in practice, both online and offline. The only person Doug Wilson has been protecting while maligning me is himself.

I would like to conclude with my over all thoughts about men getting on Wilson’s blog to jump up and down on Pooh Bear while refusing to join any sort of debate or discussion here in the Wood (or at least where I’m allowed to speak): It takes a lot of guts to get on Wilson’s attack Pooh thread and rip Pooh to pieces. I must say, these are men who have shown the kind of servile harlotry that Wilson expects from his loyal disciples. Lay down and assume the position; and don’t try to answer our scary critics until we can gather around in my Living Room Blog thread. Don’t worry; say any untrue and unsubstantiated things you want about Pooh. I have put big bars on the windows now and an extra bolt on the living room door. We are safe here now girls. Let it all hang out. Noble men of justice and truth! Whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to be cross examined by a silly old bear!


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  1. Hi. I would love to dialog here. Great web site. Bring it on. Once again, all posts sent to metzler@moscow.com will be published at http://www.poohsthink.com.

    Michael Metzler

    Comment by Michael Metzler | November 2, 2006

    By the way: please remove your libelous claim “but he blocks all comments on his blog.” That is clearly an intentionally dishonest way of refering to the simple fact that I don’t have comments. I used to; it was in my favor to given the intelligence and character of my opponent; and when I ceased comments I explained why at length (and have had to repeat myself more than once). I “block all comments” the same way Peter Leithart “blocks all comments” on his blog. Check it out: http://www.leithart.com

    Given this libelous statement right out the gate, I take it that you are a Wilson defender.

    Michael Metzler

    Comment by Michael Metzler | November 3, 2006

    Comment by Michael Metzler | November 3, 2006 | Reply

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