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Cult-Personality: Another Instructive Principle

Ok, I just skimmed up a bit from the bottom of the Kill Enemy Pooh post of Wilson’s. I wasn’t planning on spending more time on this, but I found something I think is instructive to my positive sociological analysis of Moscow’s Kirk. Check out this line of reasoning from D. Glover:

Pastor Wilson has mentioned that MM’s offences have not only been on this blog but in the body as well. However, he has not gone into great detail because that would be unloving to MM and is jollywell none of our business if we are not members of his church. DW has also said several times in various places that MM was reached out to by himself and others but were met with resistance. It’s easy to say, “go, love”, but as MM’s former pastor, reaching out in love to an estranged parishoner and fellow member of the body cannot negate confronting that member of the body about their unrepentant sin. That would not be biblical love. If the estranged member won’t admit to sin, even on the word of several witnesses who agree and confront it in unity with repentance and renewed fellowship as the objective, how are they to love such a one other than to put him out of the church, pray for his repentance, and protect the rest of the flock from him? I trust, from the fruit I see (albeit at somewhat of a distance) in the life and ministry of DW and others in his church and wider association, that he and his elders know the Word and have acted in light of it in the case of MM.

D. Glover – 10/27/2006 3:03:45 PM | Report Comment

As is typical, Glover is watching Wilson from a very great distance or else from within the Wilson World created for him. Every, and I mean every, single assertion or assumption by Glover here about what has transpired between myself and Wilson, the eldership of Christ Church, and other Kirkers is 100% false and the opposite of the truth. It is not uncommon for folks like D. Glover to get on the world wide web and confidently pontificate from either complete ignorance (no doubt willfully instilled) or the lies they have deceived by or lies they have been telling themselves. Admitting that Wilson is not a good man is a hard pill to swallow when you have put so much epistemic stock in his self-claimed moral and intellectual authority; I would know.

The truth for Wilson’s lovers can only sting from here. I’m not bothered by a bad psychological disease as Wilson has tried explain to the public. I am not a sucking chest wound and fraught with the violent need for attention, as Wilson has proclaimed. I am not dishonest as Wilson has just recently written about, but rather one of the most honest men Wilson has ever known. Nope. Sorry. Rather, I was a blameless member of Christ Church, an explicitly approved minister in training, and even an approved Credenda writer. One day, if there is a day Wilson followers are willing to acknowledge the truth, they will have to face the hard reality that the reason that I started criticizing Wilson and the reason I slowly increased my volume of criticism was because of Wilson’s slow attack against me (a typical practice of Wilson), which started well before I had ever made a post to anyone’s blog, as well as Wilson’s clear evidencing of his falsehood in how he handled my attempt to question his absolute authority. Sadly, not only has DW not reached out to MM (!), as I have explained half a dozen times, but DW rather admitted in writing (yep, in writing) to cutting off all personal correspondence from MM without any word of concern and while MM was an approved Grayfriar student and blameless member of Christ Church. This happened. It happened before Pooh Bear started unsettling things. Wilson admitted it happened. Period. And this kind of happening just doesn’t happen unless you are in a cult. And from there it was nothing but assassination.

Love? This suggestion is silly. The question is not whether there was any love; of course there was not. As soon as I showed up on Wilson’s blog and offered some unique perspectives about what has been going on here in Moscow (all very tame at that point) his son Nate sent me a thuggish email telling me to “knock it off on my dad’s blog.” And Wilson was happy to have his son and other kirkers attack me like some kind of fresh piece of meat from there. My biggest enemy became, almost overnight, my very own teacher and pastor—a reality many other kirkers have had to live with, to much horror and pain. “Love” is simply out of the question.

The question is simply how deep and dangerous the hate was. I think that the testimony of many X-Kirkers and other non-Kirkers who have had to go toe to toe with Wilson—as well as all the first hand postings here in the Wood—has sufficiently demonstrated that the hate runs dangerously deep. Once Wilson feels threatened by someone they simply become the “enemy.” No, Wilson had nothing truly against me, which is one reason he offered no correction outside of his public smears on his blog whenever he got the chance or else the typical underground assassination, the kind of treatment all his enemies get daily within the Kirk. Wilson has tried to publicly malign me anytime he thought he caught me with my back turned throughout this ordeal. If you recall, I was already getting treated like the infidel by the Wilson apologists before I had gotten off the public topic of Brian McLaren.

So gee, you wonder why Wilson won’t let me on his blog to defend myself. One reason I run through all this again here is to illustrate what I think is an important principle that is exemplified by D. Glover’s behavioral output here: it has been common place for followers of Wilson to publicly vie for what is actually opposite to the clear public facts. Thus, although his followers refuse to recognize the facts, they very often implicitly admit that if they were to admit the facts, they would be irrational to follow Wilson any further. D. Glover has just told us the kind of story he must believe in order to continue following Wilson. I think this is interesting psychological stuff. The pattern and the accuracy of the false stories in getting it false suggest some commonly operating self-deception mechanisms (faculties not aimed at truth that can over-ride those faculties that are aimed at truth). By telling such successfully false stories just where they must be false, Wilson followers reveal that they actually do, on some level, understand what is going on. I witnessed this with myself as soon as I purposefully “crossed the line” in questioning Wilson’s authority. I just “knew” that Wilson was going to do what he did in fact do, not because of the evidence I immediately had, but rather, apparently because of what I knew Wilson did with his “enemies” all along.

Ok; I think that does it for Wilson’s attack post.


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  1. Hi. I would love to dialog here. Great web site. Bring it on. Once again, all posts sent to metzler@moscow.com will be published at http://www.poohsthink.com.

    Michael Metzler

    Comment by Michael Metzler | November 2, 2006

    By the way: please remove your libelous claim “but he blocks all comments on his blog.” That is clearly an intentionally dishonest way of refering to the simple fact that I don’t have comments. I used to; it was in my favor to given the intelligence and character of my opponent; and when I ceased comments I explained why at length (and have had to repeat myself more than once). I “block all comments” the same way Peter Leithart “blocks all comments” on his blog. Check it out: http://www.leithart.com

    Given this libelous statement right out the gate, I take it that you are a Wilson defender.

    Michael Metzler

    Comment by Michael Metzler | November 3, 2006

    Comment by Michael Metzler | November 3, 2006 | Reply

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